Back At Work And Wondering What Your Pet Is Up To?

By Pamela Connellan
on 16 June 2020

If you’re back at work you could be worried about how your pet’s going. Since COVID-19, pet adoptions and pet ownership has increased a great deal. The RSPCA NSW reported a 30 per cent increase in pet adoption compared to last year. But now that restrictions are lifting and our lives are getting back to normal – how are all of our new pets coping at home on their own?

Well, you can find out with Uniden’s Solo Plus range of pet monitoring devices which allow you to check what your pet is doing via an app on your phone. You can even talk to your ‘fur ball’ baby through the app so if they’re scratching the couch you can tell them to stop!

No need to worry

Yes, both the Uniden App Cam Solo+ and the Uniden App Cam PT pet monitoring devices, give you two-way talk in real time, so you can talk to your pets and discipline them remotely if you catch them on camera chewing cables, scratching the couch, barking or digging holes in the yard!

All you need to do is install one of the devices and download the app and then you’re in business. You can move the cameras remotely as well if you need to check where your pet is. The sky is really the limit with these devices.

Uniden can monitor your pets
Uniden has two pet monitoring devices which will let you know what your pet’s up to if you’re now back at work. You can even talk to your pets via an app on your phone!

How do you set up these devices?

Both of these wireless pet monitoring devices are easy to install as theydon’t require any cables or access to a power source. The App Cam Solo+ can be placed in different parts of the home, depending on where your pet spends most of its time.

The App Cam Solo PT can be used indoors but it works as a better solution for pets kept in the backyard. This is because it has an ultra-wide viewing angle, as well as a 355-degree pan and 140-degree tilt design. This way you get greater flexibility when installing and positioning it. Also a bonus for the outdoors – the App Cam Solo PT is weatherproof.

Uniden App Cam Solo PT
The Uniden Cam Solo PT works well for monitoring
pets in your backyard. You can even move the
camera’s angle remotely from your phone.

Check in on your pets on your mobile phone

While you have your devices on, footage of your furry and feathered friends is recorded and viewed in Full HD 1080p. You can access this footage from anywhere in the world via the dedicated Uniden app.

You can set notifications to alert you when motion or sound is detected. This way you can be reassured your pets are safe and sound.

Flexible and compatible

Footage can be stored directly to an SD card or the Uniden Cloud, ensuring important, funny or cute moments are captured and available to replay.

Pet owners can also access images remotely for sharing via smart devices or social media. TheApp Cam Solo+ and App Cam Solo PT are compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing pet owners to view footage using voice control, ready to be replayed and enjoyed on a smart TV, phone or tablet. So wait for it – some more great video moments!

It’s also possible to have multiple cameras accessible via one central app, with twin, triple and quadpacks available.

Movies like The Secret Life of Pets tap into our fears about what our pets
are g
etting up to at home while we’re at work.

The camera can be moved remotely via the Uniden app to cover most angles. One camera can keep watch over the entire backyard, removing the need to use multiple cameras. Starlight Night Vision delivers night vision footage with a clear image, ideal for checking on sleepingpets.7 days free cloud backup

All products in the App Cam Solo range come with seven days of free cloud backup for the life of the product, including up to 1GB of storage, with the option of upgrading to a higher plan if required.

The Uniden App Cam Solo+ retails for AU$279.95 and the Uniden App Cam Solo PT Kit (including a solar panel) retails for AU$369.95 For more information, check out Uniden’s website.


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