Bamboo Slate – Taking Artwork To An Entirely New Level

By Women Love Tech
on 12 September 2017

The Bamboo Slate is Wacom’s latest medium for their users to convey thought upon page and page onto screen – a MUST have for those creatively inclined.

The Bamboo Slate is amongst the newest and most innovative pieces of technology to revolutionize our connection from the real to the digital world. The central purpose of the device is to provide users the ability to write notes/arts on paper but sync and convert them to digital files where they may be edited upon.

Wacom’s Bamboo Slate accommodates an entirely new user; where one may use paper yet still benefit from a digital counterpart – at the push of a button, literally. Using the included A5 notepad, and ballpoint pen, the Slate tablet uploads the information on the pages to Wacom’s app InkSpace (available on android and iOS devices). Once synced, InkSpace includes several features that allow users to edit their creations and ultimately export their files in a number of widely recognizable formats (jpeg, png, psd, pdf…etc.). In regard to the functionality of the device, it becomes as intuitive as writing on paper once setup correctly – admittedly taking us a couple of attempts.

One limitation of the device is that it won’t work without the included pen. As a result, refills must be continuously purchased from Wacom’s website to keep using it. Additionally, during our review of writing functionality, it was found that the sync button must be pressed upon completion of the page otherwise the data may be overwritten during its next use. Also, the device utilizes the positional data of the pen, so moving the paper will not register the new position of the ink.

The Bamboo Slate is a sleek, and modern design that is built with portability in mind; Wacom continues to demonstrate their mastery of digital art technology, despite the expected limitations of such a device, the Slate will become integral in our increasingly important transition to digital media.

Wacom’s Bamboo Slate is currently available for AU$189.00, and includes one A5 notepad and ballpoint pen; additional ink refills and notepads are available on Wacom’s website

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