Beating Misogyny: Women Thriving In The Tech World

Women Love Tech
on 4 October 2017

In a long-standing industry dominated by men, we can never deny the fact that in this modern age, there are women who are thriving in the technology world.

Women in the technology industry have become their own bosses and have gained their own spotlight as they excel in leadership, talent, creativity and as advocates in the growing technology world.

However, it takes one to shine through as misogyny is evident in this kind of industry. For the last 6 months, misogyny in the tech world created a buzz. According to National Center for Women and Information Technology, women accounted only for 25% of all “professional computing technology” jobs in 2015. Meanwhile, that same year, women held 57% of all professional occupations in the country. An exposé in The Atlantic revealed that women are not only hired in tech in lower numbers than men are — they also leave tech at more than twice the rate men do.

These significant numbers only shows that it’s a cutthroat industry for women. But these can be beaten and the cycle can be broken by taking beating misogynistic standards in the tech industry.

1. Get a thorough education and become a problem solver

Having a solid education background and comprehensive resume is an academic capital that can break the cycle of misogyny in the tech industry.

According to Pierre Bourdieu, a Social Scientist, a continuous education in the tech industry is an investment. Women in tech should be working through in getting multi-faceted education: Working through the necessary degrees, internships, and courses. Publishing in peer-reviewed journals that contribute to the tech thought community. Applying for and receiving research grants. Delivering breakthrough papers at academic conferences.

2. Varied Work Experiences is a Strategy to Mitigate Misogyny

Gone are the days wherein most people spent their entire careers in one company. Although, some people still do today but the advent of technologies over the 30 years course have contributed to the evolving career paths enormously.

Former Chief Talent Officer of Netflix Patty McCord said that job hoppers are likely to achieve more— especially if they switch jobs every three to four years when their learning curve flattens.

With that, professionals who specializes in their field tend to get plum positions. A broad work experience also has benefits; it helps one evaluate a potential workplace with a keener eye.

3. Be an Elite Expert – inside and outside of the tech workplace

With expanded education and focused specialization, women in tech can go further and that’s on becoming an expert. Women who can offer more to their potential employers have competitive edge in the tech industry.

Having an elite expertise undermines gender bias because such expertise is a huge magnet to people who likely will look up to you. You’re also an asset to potential employers that gives you major opportunities and a much sought-after team. Why this is so? Because of a primal human drive toward group protection and safety. People want to be by your side because good things happen on your tech team.

4. Commit Yourself to Innovation

Innovation is an endless process and in the tech world, it is an integral part. New innovation has become a daily news in this industry and you have to give and do something in order to gain something.

When women continuously seeks out solutions, offering new approaches, contributing strategies and troubleshooting shortcuts that will likely benefit the future, misogyny in the tech world diminishes. Your innovations as a woman will bring forth prosperity and is far more important than your gender.

5. Network with Investors that aren’t Wary of Female Tech Experts

Most of the startups these days are backed up by investors. These people accrue wealth by assessing potential rising entrepreneurs and companies and they are only interested in one thing: A return of investment (ROI) if they fund your tech innovation.

Whether you’re preparing yourself by building your resume or risk to become a sole proprietor of your own startup, surround yourself with good investors that believes in your idea. You may check out female CEOs in the tech world and research who funded them. It’s also likely that they can mentor you about your idea and open to listening to a female techpreneur if you have a sound business plan.

6. Speak your Confidence Out Loud

A well-grounded, humble and judicious woman will wow the crowd she’s into and that’s the same thing in the tech world. We all know that it’s a male-dominated industry but to be able to exude confidence in a one-to-one dialogue, meetings, and at conferences can mitigate misogyny.

Women thriving in technology and exuding confidence – that’s what we want

Become someone that is open to share their vision, mission and goals and also someone that is open to listen to suggestions. By articulating these to your existing and potential network, you might be surprised of the support you get from them and join you in your journey.

7. Having a sense of humor and resilience in diffusing difficult situations

A well-placed humor and resilience are keys to tech success. Women who have these kind of traits not only survive for the sake but are able to continuously thrive in the tech world. These kind of women demonstrate maturity in when faced with difficult situations rather than being reactive towards it.

8. Women empower fellow tech queens

Networking enables us to see and take on new opportunities and as well meet and with fellow women tech insiders who hold power and influence.

To start with, you should be self-advocating to be your company’s tech representative. Seek out other highly qualified women in the same industry. Collaborate and connect with them; this paves way to opening opportunities, developing and opening goals, seek out resources on how to minimise misogyny in the tech world and providing comprehensive analytics, transparency, and gender diversity.

9. Be a Leader

Leadership comes in many forms. In the tech world, a determined, action-oriented, focused, go-getter is generally considered to be headed for Big Things – and most women do excel in this. Too often, most males harbour implicit biases against strong women leaders creating forces that prevent women climb up the ladder to success and demonstrating leadership skills.

Women in Tech Ginni Rometty – CEO of IBM

But strong women doesn’t easily give in to this. Instead, shrug off misogyny and take the lead. Start by prioritizing, choosing opportunities that you wish to participate and benefit from, learn to say “NO” diplomatically but emphatically, identify where you can add best value, do continuous research, plan strategically and lead the way.

You’ll be surprised one day that efforts have paid off your success because you took time in preparing and exhibiting expertise and the capability to lead a team. A true leader exhibits passion, by being highly disciplined and levelheaded, someone who inspires people to be even more better and sees potential leaders in her team.

10. Regardless of what others say about you, always be kind and humble

The world will always show its harshness and no matter frequently you experience misogyny, “do not give in”. Women are treated as “the other” and will easily succumb to pervasive misogyny.

Instead of bowing down to misogynistic world, women in tech need to stand tall. You must build a strong moral stance and add value to your potential contribution in the tech community even when confronted with demeaning situations. It means believing in yourself against all odds.

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