Bring The Elements Into Your Home With Stylish Technology

By Jessica Walter
on 2 March 2017

Modern technology can be something of a love-hate relationship, especially in the home.

You want the benefits that it brings, but also a space to switch off and relax away from your fast-paced workplace. If you’re after a more warm and cosy atmosphere, the futuristic and sleek designs of a lot of smart appliances can seem out of place.

Luckily, if you know where to look, you don’t have to compromise – many tech firms are cottoning on and producing items which have a more organic appearance, without any loss of functionality. This makes it easy to bring the elements into your home, and the technical benefits too.


Wooden objects are strong and beautiful, providing an organic and natural feel, and harking back to an age of skilled hand craftsmanship. Wooden furniture has a strong and timeless appeal, and by choosing smart appliances made out of or finished in wood, you can pull together the look for your room more effectively. Items such as wireless speakers, charging points or wooden LED clock made out of wooden blocks are a perfect example of how to get the element of wood into your home while retaining modern functionality.

Picture Credit: Uncommongoods


Water is a calming and soothing element, proven to have a relaxing effect due to both its motion and its sound. If you don’t have easy access to a natural water source or live a long way from the beach, try bringing a little bit of water into your home in the shape of an indoor fountain. These provide an interesting focal point in any room, and have even been proven to improve air quality by producing negative ions to remove dust and impurities.

Picture credit: Indoor Fountain Pros


Adding greenery to an indoor environment is a long-established practice to improve both mood and the physical environment. Plants help to improve air quality and reduce your chances of getting sick, and create multi-sensory experiences for people to connect with nature. Don’t fret if you haven’t got green fingers though – technology can help. Smart plant pots are now available which measure the environment and the conditions in the pot, and water – they then fertilise the plant as necessary. You can even check and control them through an app on your smartphone, making sure you don’t come home to dead plants after a vacation. Try using them for herbs in the kitchen for even more benefits – fresh seasoning for your meals all year round.

Picture Credit: Psfk

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