Camp SEEK 2017: Expanding Opportunities For Bright And Innovative Girls

Women Love Tech
on 15 September 2017

In 2017, globally speaking, women are still facing significant barriers in the many demanding industries, specifically in technology. Hence, just recently, SEEK, Australia’s number one employment marketplace is calling on schools and government, to engage girls in the creative and interesting careers available in the technology industry. In partnership with these agencies, this will pave the way in solving the severe lack of women entering the technology field.

Global Statistics of Women in Tech

Even if women are leading in some of the biggest technology companies around the world, however, overall the sector is still struggling to advance gender equity. A Deloitte forecasted that by the end of 2016, women would hold less than 25% of IT jobs in developed countries.

Moulding Future Women in Tech

Currently, SEEK initiated an annual holiday program for high school-aged girls, from year 9 to 11, encouraging them to study STEM subjects. This program is called Camp SEEK.

Camp SEEK was born out of a Hackathon idea a couple of years ago. SEEK’s mission is to show young and aspiring girls about how creative and fascinating the world of tech can be and to pursue in studying STEM subjects as they consider their own future career.

Jam-packed 4 Days Learning Event

CAMP SEEK 2017 is a 4 days learning event that will be held at SEEK HQ. Participants will learn awesome stuff and gain a fresh perspective on what it’s like to work in the technology industry.

The camp also challenges stereotypes and participants are exposed to the many different roles in technology and learn about its creative, challenging and more customer-focused side. The holiday program is open for young girls who are studying in STEM for their final years and there’s no cost for anyone who is interested to participate in Camp SEEK 2017.

For more info, please see full details in this event poster:


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