ChefsFeed App: Where Chefs Eat?

By Frederique Bros
on 6 April 2021

Have you ever ask yourself where chefs eat? ChefsFeed is the first and only chef-powered restaurant guide.

Want to know where Mario Batali gets his carnitas taco fix? Where Wolfgang Puck and Thomas Keller go for sushi? Where Charles Phan can be found eating Chinese at 3 a.m.? Chefs Feed has the answers.

ChefsFeed is available in over 70 cities (and counting). This dynamic website and app gives you access to the nation’s top chefs and their local-only dining secrets. The result is thousands of dish recommendations from restaurants across the country.

The ChefsFeed website offers an inside connection to food from the world’s best chefs via exclusive videos, stories, and guides. Most importantly, the content includes restaurant reviews written by the most credible sources in the hospitality industry.

Through the app, users can plan the perfect night out with curated guides from chefs like Dominique Crenn and Marcus Samuelsson. Users can get directions, book tables, discover the best food within walking distance from their location. Further, ChefsFeed offers a variety of exclusive original video content.

ChefsFeed Events

ChefsFeed produces content featuring its community of professional chefs. Chefs can host ticketed events and more recently live-streaming events.

“We wanted to find more ways for our chefs to make more money and to identify more ways to work with brands,” said ChefsFeed chief executive Rich Maggiotto. 

Jumoke Jackson, one of ChefsFeed’s chefs, found a lifeline in the live streaming platform as the restaurant industry reeled amid the pandemic. “When COVID-19 hit, I lost most of my revenue stream as a chef,” Jackson said in a statement. “I began using ChefsFeed Experiences to host live stream classes and it gave me the insight to expand my business model, spurring a ton of creative thought.”

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ChefsFeed website:

Reviews of ChefsFeed App

Here’s what the critics have been saying about Chefs Feed:

★★★★★ Gizmodo: “iPhone App of The Week. Chefs Feed one-ups every other food app by showing you the food that chefs—AWESOME CHEFS!—like and eat…The recommendations are BOSS…for foodies who savor every dish they eat, I can’t imagine a more reputable—heck, definitive—way to recommend restaurants.”

★★★★★ Huffington Post: “Chef’s Feed — a digital database of the best dishes in any given city: the food guide 2.0. But instead of gathering feedback from users a la Yelp, Chef’s Feed houses a database of information from hundreds of the nation’s greatest chefs, like Thomas Keller, Mario Batalli, David Kinch, Wolfgang Puck and Chris Cosentino.”

Check this app, go to eat and Bon Appetit!

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About ChefsFeed

ChefsFeed provides dining and drinking guides, inspiration, and unique experiences direct from experts. The platform also enables culinary professionals and the world’s best brands to discover innovative ways to work together—online and in real life.

ChefsFeed, a content platform for professional cooks to share recipes and restaurant reviews, often in collaboration with brands.

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