Curate Your Adventure On A Map With Storyboard Social App

By Emma Crameri Emma Crameri has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 27 June 2017

The Storyboard Social app allows you select and publish your photos and videos on a map with your story.

Imagine a map on your wall pinned with all of the places you have been to and experienced. Like all good stories you can add a title and blurb and then share it with your friends.

Storyboard is perfect for travelling and a day out in your home town. You can use the app to explore destinations or discover what other users have been doing nearby. The app combines metadata and mapping to allow the user to interact with timeline of your story. Users can follow along behind your footsteps, each step of the way.

It’s a great alternative to the other crowded social networking spaces which are cluttered with advertising and distracting messages. Storyboard makes it easy for your audience to immerse themselves in your adventure.

Darren Tonkin, owner and creator of the Storyboard App, shares with us his favourite users:

  • itbeachaustralia @itbeachaustralia shows an amazing way a business can share stories
  • Matty Rogers @mattyrogers has a professional standard of photography
  • Hannah Pugnale @hannah uses the app for travel
  • Izabela @izabela and Jenny @jenny

The idea to create the Storyboard app happened after Darren had been living in Brazil and wanted an easy way to share his journey with his loved ones back at home. Darren explains the problem “Social platforms were great for just showing a destination, however the whole story, where I was, what happened before and after shaped an experience. That is what Storyboard does now in as little as a few seconds.”

What’s next for Storyboard?

The Storyboard team are passionate about the problems they are solving, by sharing people’s experiences in a way that allow people to connect with each other and understand other cultures and countries. Darren is excited about turning the app into a website with full functionality. He is also looking at better ways to assist people in sharing their experiences and develop the social side of the product. Darren believes Storyboard can have a large social impact.

The Storyboard App is a refreshing way to share your story including photos and video without all of the usual distractions.

You can download the Storyboard App from the Apple store or Google Play. For Women Love Tech readers Darren has set up a promo code that will unlock longer story lengths with the code – WLT.

About the Storyboard App

The Storyboard app lets you match your photos and videos with the places you visit. An app to create and share meaningful experiences or discover the stories told by others and connect with people from around the world. For further information, visit the Storyboard app website.

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