Curve Lurve The App For Breast Cancer Awareness

By Frederique Bros
on 3 August 2013

Last week, I was honoured to be invited at McGrath Foundation’s event to celebrate Curve Lurve the app for breast cancer awareness.  I am very happy and proud to introduce you this free app available through the Apple App Store. The program’s main focus is on empowering young women to look after their bodies, to know their bodies and to take action that promotes their own health and well-being. Curve Lurve app is a very well designed look and feel vintage app, with a sexy pin-up as the main logo.

About Curve Lurve

Curve Lurve comprises of a teaching and learning resource for high schools, a facilitator’s guide for use in the workplace and community as well as campaign collateral to help promote breast awareness more generally.

Curve Lurve encourages women to be comfortable with their breasts right from the start, and to make caring for them a priority. We want all women to ‘lurve their curves’ for the rest of their lives – and enjoy better health and wellbeing as a result.

The McGrath Foundation’s Curve Lurve App will show you how to lurve your curves and record anything that isn’t normal for you. You can also personalise your profile and set a reminder each month for your next breast awareness session.

The Curve Lurve app helps users to lurve their curves by encouraging regular breast awareness sessions. The sessions can be personalised with the user’s choice of music and users also have the option of taking a step-by-step guided breast awareness session and set reminders for regular sessions.

McGrath Foundation Chairman and Co-Founder, Glenn McGrath, is thrilled to see the Foundation continue to innovate and grow and thinks Curve Lurve is important for the whole community.

It’s never too late or early to check your breast! With Jane McGrath being only 31 when she was first diagnosed with breast cancer, education for young women has always been an important part of the Foundation’s charter.

About McGrath Foundation

The McGrath Foundation’s mission is to ensure every family experiencing breast cancer in Australia has access to a breast care nurse, no matter where they live or their financial situation – and estimates 150 McGrath Breast Care Nurses are needed to achieve this. Only then, will every family in this situation have access to optimal care.

$1.2m was donated by the Australian public following Jane’s passing in 2008. This money was set aside by the Foundation, specifically to fund the development of a breast awareness education program for young women.

Visit the McGrath Foundation website

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