Cygnett ‘ChargeUp Boost’ Range: Review

By Robyn Foyster Robyn Foyster has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 26 October 2018

Just in time for Christmas, Cygnett’s ChargeUp Boost range delivers big portable batteries that are designed to last, with looks to please and bells and whistles that effectively combine style and functionality.

The ChargeUp Boosts come in 5k, 10k and 15k varieties, representing the size of the internal battery and effectively describing just how many charges it will give your device per full charge.

Cygnett make it easier than other brands to check just how full your portable battery is: where competitors use a series of LED lights, the ChargeUp Boost range features an easy-to-read screen displaying your battery percentage. By simply pressing the power button, the digital display shows up and informs you of its current charge. It will auto shut itself off when no device is plugged, saving power. Neat!

The Red colour is as bright as I wanted it to be, and helps to distinguish it from the sea of bland bricks that have become the standard. Cygnett have built a practical yet flashy product here, and with two fast-charging USB ports, a user can’t ask for much more. The ChargeUp Boost charges have two 2.4Amp USB-A output ports (12 Watt output in total) and one microUSB port to recharge it. With smart charge technology built into the powerbank, it will even rapidly charge your iPhone and iPad.

Cygnett goes even further than other brands by ensuring your devices stay safe while being plugged into their new line of powerbanks, offering protection for over-current, over voltage, over temperature and short circuit, proving that it is certainly worth getting a well-known brand powerbank over a cheap one. With a starting price of $39.95 for the 5k model (5,000mAh), these new chargers still manage not to break the bank.

Turning itself off when not in use, bright and iconic casing and a remaining-power screen, Cygnett’s new range of powerbanks have most of the features one can ask for in 2018, without the excessive price tag – sorely missing is a wireless charging ability, as users will have to stick with cables for now. Still, the ChargeUp Boost 5k, 10k and 15k models are hard to pass up as a ready-charged, convenient product for daily charging needs.


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