Discover The Fun And Technology Smart Peg

Frederique Bros
on 16 June 2016

I hesitated before putting the article on Women Love Tech, I wasn’t sure if it will be a good fit for the fabulous tech-savvy Women Love Tech’s readers but it’s funny and of course a great mix of technology with lifestyle, so why not?

Discover The Fun And Technology Smart Peg

Let’s discover the fun and technology smart clothes developed by Omo.


Omo has developed a smart new technology device that will allow parents to reclaim the magic of outdoor real play with their children. Introducing Peggy, the ‘worlds smartest clothes peg’.

Peggy is an Australian-designed smart clothes peg that will help inform the user, via their home WIFI network, of the best time to do the washing according to the weather and their preferred washing cycle. The peg looks like an ordinary clothes peg, but has innovative smart technology inside that monitors fluctuations in temperature via a built-in thermometer, humidity and precipitation via the humidity sensor, and the UV sunlight via a light sensor. All these elements work together to formulate the approximate drying time of the users clothes and updates parents of any of these changes via a push notification.
OMO developed Peggy in response to new research that reveals parents want to spend more time playing with their child. 94 percent of parents admit to not spending as much playtime with their kids as they would like, with clothes washing and chores taking up a lot of their time. 1 In an average week, Australian families do one load of washing per day and this figure increases in the school holidays to almost 8 loads per week.2

In today’s modern society it is becoming increasingly difficult for parents to enjoy outdoor real play with their children due to the constant juggling of work and family life. Omo’s ‘Dirt is Good’ philosophy recognises that children need plenty of exploratory, hands-on play, so Peggy was devised to create a solution for frustrated parents doing the laundry and reclaim the special moments of outdoor real play time between parent and child.

Not only is Peggy a device that helps inform parents on the best time to do the washing, but also it enables them to receive information tailored to them, including nearby events and suggestions of games and activities to play with the kids while the washing is being taken care of. The notifications can all be received after parents download the Peggy app and complete the sign-up process of syncing Peggy.

Paul Connell, Marketing Director, Unilever Laundry & Homecare ANZ commented: “Omo is committed to finding ways to help lighten the load and get children playing, exploring and developing their full potential. Peggy is a simple device that reinvents how parents go about their laundry, freeing up time to enjoy more moments of real play with their children.”

Currently in the BETA prototype stage, selected Australian parents are testing Peggy in a bid to recapture the memorable moments of real play outdoors with their child.

If you are interested and think Peggy could help lighten the load for you then register your interest at

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