Discover The World Photo Gallery Taken With iPhone 6

By Frederique Bros
on 12 March 2015

I know and you know the Apple iPhone 6 takes amazing photos. What about if people took exceptional photos with their iPhone 6 becoming a World Photography Gallery? This World Gallery is made up of work from more than 50 people across the globe and will be featured in 24 countries and 70 cities around the world, making it one of the largest photo galleries ever assembled!

There is an Australian whose photograph features in the gallery. Below is the image taken by Sydney resident, Kim Goodwin. She shot it in El Calafate, Argentina. Kim is a professor who is also studying her PHD. She has provided some of her tips to taking a great photo with her iPhone which I have included below. Also listed some camera features that help people take great shots every day.

You can see the collection here

Kim Goodwin’s Top iPhone 6 photography tips:

1. Shoot everything, shoot often

Take, and share, photos everyday.  I sometimes participate in social media # challenges, other times just for myself.  Since becoming a daily iPhone photographer I’ve found I’m always on the look out for something interesting to shoot (beyond the obligatory food and selfies) and when I find it I take a lot of shots to find just the right one. My husband, and dog, are used to me stopping in the middle of the street to photograph something.

2. Shoot wide, crop later

I rarely use zoom when taking iPhone pictures, preferring the control of cropping later. I’ve found when travelling, especially recently in Argentina and Chile, that landscapes and panorama shots worked exceptionally well on the iPhone. I guess it is what you are used to, as my non-iPhone camera is a fixed lens.  Move your body, don’t rely on the camera to do the work.

3. Use natural light

Never use flash. iPhone camera and apps allow you to shoot in all sorts of light. I find that doing this, and editing the photo later provides the best result. Or get someone else to be your light source. Me, I tend to just shoot in the best light possible or just put the phone down.

4. Participate in photographic communities

You can learn a lot from looking at other people’s images. The community on instagram, for example, is very friendly and there’s a lot of support. I feel my images have improved from following people who use iPhones regularly, as I’ve absorbed tips and lessons from their work.

In the past, I bought a lot of camera apps, but I’ve found I really only use two or three. iPhone apps I use every day:

Instagram – I love the community on instagram, it’s the friendliest.  I know not all photos are taken via phone, but I especially appreciate the amazing ones that are.

Camera + – This is my go-to camera.  90% of the images I share are taken and edited through this app. Simple to use and effective.

VSCOcam – Has the most features to play with and an excellent range of filters.  I rarely use instagram filters, preferring the ones in Camera + and VSCOcam. In most cases, however, I prefer to play with clarity, rather than use a filter.

Flickr: Not an everyday iPhone app but it is one that can get you noticed.

Image Credit: Shot by Gabby K. in Snoqualmie Pass, Washington, USA

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