Doing a Maccas Run with the MyMaccas App

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on 2 June 2021

We discussed McDonald’s loyalty programme with Brent Clarke, Director of Digital, McDonald’s Australia:

How does McDonald’s differentiate its loyalty programme? 

“We have a responsibility to be creating innovative, personalised technology to meet the needs of our customers. This is especially important at a time when providing a contactless experience is critical to the customer experience.”

“The MyMacca’s App brings value to customers through providing immediate convenience and allowing people to order where they want, when they want, without the need for a wallet, cash or card. It also adapts to the personal needs of our customers, suggesting items to match their purchasing behaviours and delivering personalised offers and benefits.”

What makes a great loyalty app and programme? 

“A great loyalty app and programme is one that provides a personalised experience, gives customers immediate convenience and has the ability to constantly evolve and innovate to meet customer needs.” 

What are some of the insights McDonald’s has learned about its customers?

“Via the MyMaccas App our customers are telling us what they want, when they want it and how they want to engage with us either in restaurant or via delivery. The COVID-19 operating environment has seen a significant upswing in customer use of the MyMaccas App for their takeaway and drive-thru purchases.” 

“The need for convenience and a contactless experience is driving a major shift in consumer behaviour and the reliance upon the MyMaccas App to order. We are seeing increased customer desire for an individualised personal experience, which the App allows.” 

What are the trends you are seeing in the app and programme?

In addition to the demand for convenience and a contactless experience, our customers are looking for exclusive benefits and increased value. Through the platform, customers can access exclusive deals and discounts only available on the MyMacca’s App. These have been extremely popular with our customers and will continue to be a priority for us this year. As the needs of our customers continue to shift, we are focused on continuing to evolve the MyMacca’s App to ensure it provides our customers with a personalised, convenient and valuable experience.”

How to Use the MyMacca’s App

The MyMaccas app is designed by McDonald’s Australia to streamline ordering your favourite fast food. Here are some tips on how to use the MyMacca’s app:

  • The home button allows you to start an order, and view the full menu. You can see your rewards and daily deals. My app currently shows a digital loyalty card where I can buy 5 coffees and get 1 free. 
  • The order button allows you to save time by ordering ahead by placing a mobile order. 
  • The favourite button keeps your recent order and provides access to your profile, recent, locations, McDelivery, About, Contact and Legal. 
  • You will need a credit card to place an order and pay. I’d like to see the option of paying via PayPal soon.

The MyMaccas app is easy to use and saves time if you have a favourite custom order. If you like to go regularly then you might enjoy the loyalty offers.

Download from the McDonald’s Australia website:

About McDonald’s Australia

 Australia’s first McDonald’s restaurant opened in Yagoona, Sydney, in 1971. Today there are nearly 1,000 McDonald’s restaurants across Australia, nearly 85 per cent of which are franchised and run by local businessmen and women. The organisation employs more than 105,000 people in restaurants and corporate offices Australia-wide and is the largest employer of youth in the country. McDonald’s creates more than 3,000 new jobs each year and spends over $40 million per annum on training and people development.

For more information, visit the McDonald’s Australia website:
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