Drag Is The New Trello-like Chrome Extension We All Need

By Women Love Tech
on 14 June 2018

If you’ve ever worked at a startup or a small organization or even in a small team within  big organization, you’ve most likely used Trello. And if you’ve used Trello, you’ve mostly likely loved its collaborative approach to messaging, team tasks and deadlines, but you might’ve wished for a way you could use it right from your Gmail inbox. You’re going to love this – the startup Drag is launching a Chrome extension that allows teams to collaborate on emails, from inside Gmail. Trello-like boards within Gmail are finally here!

Ideal for smaller teams, Drag Team is a Shared Inbox to manage accounts, especially company-wide email accounts such as news@ or support@.

Drag offers a better way of managing emails, right from inside Gmail. The Chrome extension reorganizes Gmail into kanban (signboard or billboard in Japanese) boards that are laid out like Trello or Pipedrive. These allow users to easily drag’n’drop emails (email cards) across columns, add tasks to Inbox, add due dates, notes or checklists to emails or tasks.

With the Team Plan, all of the above can be done collaboratively. The goal is to allow teams to stay in their inbox, from where they can manage their activities that usually start and end with emails (e.g. sales or helpdesk).

Individual members on the teams can create Shared Boards, in which they can collaborate on kanban boards, assign emails and tasks to team members, reply on behalf of each other, and add internal comments etc.

Drag Team launches on June 18, 2018.

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