Einee: The Newest Learn And Play App For Children

By Women Love Tech
on 16 October 2018

Research shows that parents of Generation Alpha (which comprises of kids born after 2010) are worried their kids choose iPads over pets and holidays. Since many kids are addicted to their/their parents’ phones and other devices, it’s a good idea to put these devices and the apps on them to a constructive use. Einee is an app for kids that’s trying to do exactly this – educating children from 6 to 15 through play.

The app allows children to chat with famous real-life characters – like Einstein and Cleopatra. This learning app prioritises being “play-first”, which ensures kids love it.

Children can ask questions like “Why were you famous?” or “So what’s the whole e=mc2 thing?” The deeper they go with their questions and curiosity, the more educational the app becomes.

Characters include Albert Einstein, Cleopatra, Donald Trump, Leonardo Da Vinci, Marilyn Monroe, and Napoleon Bonaparte.

It encourages play, and teaches using modern technology that proves more effective than conventional methods.

The learning approach on Einee is simple – play first; while doing so, inspiration, facts, knowledge and wisdom, get passed down.

Einee balances the time children spend between fun and learning, by letting them do both simultaneously.

Check out the video below to understand how the app works –

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