Gaming Goes Glam: Thomas Sabo’s Latest Tech and Fashion Collaboration

By Marie-Antoinette Issa
on 15 April 2024

Unlike the demise of designer trucker caps tech and fashion collaborations are yet to go out of style. In fact, if the latest project by Thomas Sabo Pocket Styler is anything to go by, the fusion between both looks likely to be the Little Black Dress of your wardrobe. A long-term investment, rather than a seasonal (ahem, regrettable?) trend. 

As one of the world’s most celebrated international jewellery brands, Thomas Sabo recently announced its entry into the gaming realm. Partnering with the innovative fashion game Pocket Styler, to bring its iconic collections to life in a virtual setting. And, offering players a unique and immersive experience like never before.

Pocket Styler (initially introduced by Nordcurrent in May 2021) quickly rose to prominence in the gaming world. Captivating enthusiasts with its seamless blend of gaming and fashion. And, although it had already executed several successful collaborations with renowned designers, Pocket Styler continues to push boundaries by welcoming Thomas Sabo into its glamorous universe.

In the world of Pocket Styler, players aren’t just gamers; they’re style architects. They’re given the freedom to create personalised avatars and craft exquisite looks using a plethora of apparel, accessories and makeup options. With style challenges set in iconic New York locations, players compete to showcase their creativity and fashion prowess.

Similarly, Thomas Sabo, known for its versatile designs and timeless elegance, brings a touch of luxury to Pocket Styler. With pieces from its SS24 collection. From the Cosmic Amulet range featuring intricately designed pendants adorned with violet stones, to the Heritage Glam collection, boasting lavish hand-cut stones in exquisite settings, players can now adorn their avatars with Thomas Sabo’s signature pieces.

But the collaboration doesn’t stop there. Thomas Sabo’s eyewear collection, combining metal hues with acetate colours, adds a chic finishing touch to any virtual ensemble. With a total of 46 items available in-game, including jewellery, sunglasses, and watches, players can explore and express their personal style to their heart’s content.

This collaboration isn’t just about virtual fashion; it’s about redefining the intersection of fashion and gaming. With the mobile gaming industry projected to surpass TV by 2025, Pocket Styler offers real-life brands like Thomas Sabo a unique opportunity to engage with new audiences in an innovative way. Players can not only interact with Thomas Sabo’s collections in-game but also seamlessly connect to the brand’s e-commerce site. Blurring the lines between digital and physical fashion.

Victoria Trofimova, CEO of Nordcurrent, highlights the natural progression of introducing real fashion brands into Pocket Styler. While Aurore Melot, Thomas Sabo Creative Director, invites players to explore the brand’s jewellery in a playful and digital way. And unlock endless possibilities of personal styling in the process.

With 22 million downloads and players spending up to 20,000 hours in-game daily, Pocket Styler continues to captivate audiences worldwide. As gaming goes glam, it’s time to immerse yourself in the stylish world of the Thomas Sabo Pocket Styler collaboration. And unleash your inner fashionista in a whole new way.

The collection will contain a total of 46 shoppable games pieces. Including jewellery, sunglasses and watches. The collections are now available online via THOMAS SABO’S website and selected stockists and will be available in game from 18th March.

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