Fashion Style Tips We’ve Learned from Bloggers

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on 30 April 2018

Blogging and social media have flipped the script on how we get fashion style tips and inspiration. While the big magazines maintain their reputation with fabulous, fantastical editorials and authoritative views on all things fashion, bloggers provide a more real world approach to style. No matter what your niche, there’s sure to be a blogger you can identify with and look to for ideas on putting together your own ensembles. We’ve compiled a list of some of the top fashion style tips from bloggers to get you started.

It’s all about personality.

Of course clothes are important, but when it comes to blogging success, the key is personal style. Successful bloggers share their unique personality, through both their clothes and their content. Being unoriginal or generic is never a recipe for succeeding as a blogger. Even if you’re not aspiring to be a style blogger, this is still a tip anyone can incorporate into their life. Don’t be afraid to show your personal style, even if you feel like you might not fit in. Staying true to yourself and having self-confidence is always the best accessory.

Bodysuits keep it sleek.

When you want the polished, tucked in look, go for a bodysuit. These have been a blogger favorite for some time now and it’s easy to see why. A tucked in blouse can bunch up in awkward, unflattering ways. A bodysuit under skinny trousers or a high-waisted pencil skirt creates a sleek silhouette with no hassle. Since bodysuits are now a hot trend, there are tons of options beyond the basic dancewear look they originated from. Try an off the shoulder variety or one with lace up detail for an extra touch of style.

Lighting and angles are important!

Content on social media and blogs is always the crème de la crème. Only seeing the best parts of other’s lives can end up distorting reality, so it’s important to remind yourself that it’s okay to be unfiltered. However, when you want your outfit to look good in a photo, soft, natural daylight is always the most flattering, and hitting the right pose can make all the difference for how an outfit looks. If you’re dressing for an event where you’ll be photographed, stay away from small, busy prints. Instead, go for a matte solid color that contrasts well with your skin and hair.

Monochrome is the new color blocking.

All black everything has been going strong eternally, but dressing head to toe in a single hue is one of our favorite fashion blogger trends in recent times. For a fresh, crisp look try all white or all beige. This palette exudes sunny holiday destination vibes, especially when paired with a big straw hat and espadrilles. For a bold version, we love monochrome cherry red or royal blue. You don’t have to stick with one shade; you can mix it up with pastels or deep hues of the same color family. We love monochrome as the right mix of editorial and easy to pull off. It’s a simple way to look high fashion even in casual settings.

Get eclectic.

Fashion bloggers are smart and savvy shoppers who know how to pull the best looks from a vast variety of sources. They’ll mix high end designer pieces with thrifted vintage finds. Truly devoted bloggers are always on the hunt for fashion rarities and staple pieces to round out their wardrobes. They’ll comb online sources like eBay and Depop for must-haves and search through independent boutiques to find something unique. They know it’s not where you shop, but how you put the look together. Bloggers know when to splurge and what you can get away with buying at a high street or discount store.

Make fashion your business.

If you’ve got an eye for style and social media savvy, being a fashion blogger might be a top career choice for you. However, there are lots of options for being an online fashion entrepreneur. Building a reputation as a blogger can lead to a variety of career opportunities. You could be a personal stylist, shopper, and wardrobe consultant. You could open an online boutique to retail vintage or wholesale clothing. You could collaborate with brands on designing capsule collections. If you’re dedicated and passionate, the fashion world holds tons of opportunities for success.

Find what works for you.

Fashion is about so much more than following trends. One of the key fashion style tips we’ve taken away from the blogosphere is the importance of knowing what works for you. Establishing signature style is important as a blogger, but even for the rest of us, it makes life a lot easier to have go-to looks that are fabulous and flattering. Maybe bodycon dresses and flowy cardigans show off your curves. Maybe your skin looks glowing and radiant when you wear a certain shade of bright yellow. Maybe structured blazers and pencil skirts help you exude confidence. Maybe you live your best life in cutoff shorts and crop tops. Of course, variety is the spice of life, so you’re always free to keep mixing it up, but once you figure it out, you’ll find it’s easier to shop and easier to put together outfits. Assembling a capsule wardrobe of signature pieces is a great way to simplify your fashion life.

When in doubt, jumpsuit it out.

Jumpsuits and rompers are the ultimate outfits in an instant. While a dress can give you similar ease, it’s hard to argue that jumpsuits and rompers don’t give a superior advantage of letting you be a little unladylike, while keeping a cute, flirty look. If you’re an adventurous type, it’s nice to know you have the option to spontaneously cartwheel down a beach or cozy up on a picnic blanket by a bonfire without risking a wardrobe malfunction. Jumpsuits and rompers let you look elegant and feminine while allowing you to live the unrestricted life of a modern woman. They’ve been a perennial blogger favorite, so if you haven’t embraced them in your wardrobe yet, it’s high time.

Women Love Tech would like to thank Janice Cook for this article.

Photo by Pete Bellis

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