Global Fashion Crowd Challenge Competition Is Open

By Frederique Bros
on 4 August 2015

The innovative global fashion design competition ‘Fashion Crowd Challenge’ launches – A gateway open to all designers around the globe!

Global Fashion Crowd Challenge Competition Is Open

The ‘Fashion Crowd Challenge (FCC) Council’ (Chairperson Kwangsu Cho) is an organization that aims to combine fashion and collective intelligence technology. It has announced the launch of a global fashion design competition.

The FCC introduced a new platform to the fashion industry to award finalists selected through global public voting. All designers around the world can pre-register now and submit their designs starting on 10 September via

The FCC offers a new opportunity for fashion designers to showcase their dreams and talents. The FCC discovers designers, selected by the public, and supports their entrance into today’s global fashion industry celebrated by a few mainstream luxury brands. 

The FCC serves as a communication platform between designers and the public, enabling all designer participants to directly interact with consumers. Moreover, every FCC designer participant can receive a report that consolidates opinions on their design from around the globe. Designers can benefit from the report to create designs that better reflect the needs and preferences of the global consumer. 

“This Challenge serves as a moment in time to revisit the core of fashion and to add value to the industry,” said Kwangsu Cho, the chairperson of the FCC Council. “The FCC Council seeks to identify outstanding designers who present designs that recognize and address the public’s preferences and to support their entrance into the global market.”

The general public, by participating in the FCC, will also take a principal role in creating a new fashion trend. The public will contribute to finding designers who best match their style, by engaging in an interactive dialogue with global designers through this innovative platform. 

The unprecedented winner selection process also differentiates the FCC from other design competitions that only involve industry experts as judges. The FCC applies a unique algorithm, utilizing its collective intelligence technology, to give the general public and industry insiders the ability to select finalist candidates.

In addition, in celebration of the inaugural FCC, the FCC Council will initiate its ‘Time to Think’ campaign in August. The campaign aims to reflect on the true value of “real fashion” with people from various backgrounds including fashion industry insiders, young aspiring designers working their way up to the top, models, photographers and lifestyle experts.

Designers can participate in the FCC by submitting design images or videos of apparel, underwear, accessories or jewellery for women, men, kids and seniors categories that best reflect their personality on Pre-registration starts now and design submission is from September 10 to October 7 (GMT). Artwork descriptions can be enclosed in any language. 

Public voting will be open from October 8 to 15 (GMT). All results will be announced daily on 

The rewards include a total grant of USD 250,000, awarding the final winner USD 100,000 in brand launch or management fund. Finalists will receive additional benefits including an invitation to the FCC finale event and a photo shoot with a global fashion magazine.

The final winner will be announced on October 16 and participate in a photo shoot with a global fashion magazine.

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