How To Be Great At Managing People With Deputy Software

How To Be Great At Managing People With Deputy Software

Life is way too short to spend time on rosters and schedules. The thing is, both of these tasks are necessary in order to run a healthy, successful business. How To Be Great At Managing People With Deputy Software

Deputy is a platform which saves both time and money, allowing you to take a step back and focus on the more important things in life.

5 Ways Deputy Can Help You Prioritise Your Life As A Manager

Communication Channels

When you’re managing a team of staff who work different hours on different days, it can be hard to effectively communicate will all of them. Deputy allows you to keep your employees in the loop with quick announcements that get pushed out to selected staff.


Have you ever gotten the dreaded 8:55AM call from one of your employees explaining why they won’t make it in today? Deputy solves the mess that usually ensues with its intelligent rostering capabilities. Should a staff member fail to show up to work, through Deputy you can easily send out a message to the rest of the team in order to cover the shift.


It’s 2014 and I think it’s time for us to move on from the printed attendance spreadsheet! With Deputy, these are created as soon as an employee signs on/off, saving both you and them precious time and the beginning and end of every shift. 


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in a sticky situation in which multiple staff members have completed the same task…or nothing at all! In a small-medium business, there are times when the communication lines are crossed and certain messages don’t reach the right people at the right time. Deputy allows you to create task lists to ensure everyone on the team knows exactly what they have to do. Just assign someone a task and it’ll get sent straight through to their smartphone, hassle-free. 


Reports. It’s a word everyone dreads. No matter what industry you’re in, reports, albeit very important to a business, eat away at valuable time. The Deputy reporting widget makes life easier by giving you a simple snapshot of your staff’s performance whilst highlighting any irregularities you need to be aware of.

Deputy will be hosting a stall at this year’s Xerocon which runs from 20-22 August. Head along to experience Australasia’s biggest accounting technology event. 

How To Be Great At Managing People With Deputy Software

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