Hit Or Miss: The New Must-Have Fashion Shopping App

By Frederique Bros
on 1 March 2016

Are you obsessed with fashion? Great. I have exciting news for you; a free app that publish daily a new fashion collection with the best trends and brands but also shared by the favorite fashion bloggers that you love!

Hit or Miss is a style aggregation app that brings hundreds of brands and the web’s top style bloggers together in one place, creating the easiest, most enjoyable mobile shopping experience.

Hit Or Miss – Free – Apple

Recently announced the launch of Version 2.5 back in December, alongside partnerships with popular fashion bloggers Prosecco & Plaid, Lush to Blush, and Poshrx.

Their goal is to gives time-starved women shoppers the thrill of finding obsession-worthy fashion in seconds. They believe less is more. Everyday ‘Hit or Miss’ publishes a tight collection of selected products that are the best trends and brands in fashion. Each collection is curated by a style insider or fashion blogger. They wanted real style experts to pick their favorite products and then leverage technology to make our app smarter.  

Powered by their proprietary platform, they will evolve ‘Hit or Miss’ into the premier mobile destination for the curation and presentation of fashion trends and a one-stop shopping opportunity for women.

How Does It Work

Browse collections and tag which looks are a “hit” and which are a “miss”. The more you express your unique style, the more tailored your profile becomes. We tell you your favorite brands, stores, and collections to shop.

They feature a mix of luxury and contemporary styles from top stores and brands. Always offering affordable alternatives. Occasionally feature upcoming, indie brands, you will love discovering.

About Amber Reyngoudt – Hit & Miss Founder

Amber Reyngoudt has an extensive background in technology, coding over 15 years. Amber has been developing beautiful and engaging iOS apps for over 5 years and had an app (Milk – working w Kevin Rose) that she helped make get bought by Google back in 2012. Amber has a passion and love for fashion hence the obsession with making shopping apps.

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