Three Questions We Asked About the New ghd Duet Blowdry Brush

By Marie-Antoinette Issa
on 11 July 2024

We’re calling it now. From your FYP TikTok tab to your fave influencers’ Insta stories, we predict you’ll be seeing the out-today ghd Duet Blowdry Brush everywhere. Here’s everything you need to know about ghd’s latest tool. And, why its Heat-Air Xchange Technology is such a big deal

Do we really need a new blowdry brush…?

…When it’s made by the innovators at ghd, the answer is a yes as big as we like our blowdried curls! Because while there are several blowdry brushes on the market, the latest one by the masters of the cult Duet Style is designed to be used on wet hair. And, combine the functionality of a hair dryer and a brush into a single, streamlined device. One that delivers a smooth, voluminous blowout without the typical frizz and heat damage associated with traditional blow dryers.

Heat-Air Xchange Technology … What is this sorcery?

The new ghd duet blowdry is the first tool to use proprietary Heat-Air Xchange Technology. This is a pioneering aerodynamic system that harnesses airflow to actively heat the barrel and snag-free bristles. And, create salon-worthy blow dries at home, on all hair types, with absolutely no heat damage. Plus, it consumes 40% less energy than a hair dryer and a brush. 

Developed by leading scientists and engineers at ghd’s Research and Development labs in Cambridge, UK, the ghd Duet Blowdry Brush leverages an aerodynamic design to harness airflow effectively. Here’s how it works:

  1. Optimal heating mechanism: The tool features an elliptical-shaped heated barrel and snag-free heated bristles. These elements work in synergy to heat hair gently and evenly, ensuring that styling can be done at a lower temperature.
  2. Controlled airflow: Carefully positioned vents and a powerful, ultra-compact brushless digital motor ensure a steady airflow. This controlled airflow helps in drying hair quickly and efficiently, while minimising flyaways and static.
  3. Energy efficiency: One of the standout features of Heat-Air Xchange Technology is its energy efficiency. The ghd Duet Blowdry Brush consumes 40% less energy than a traditional hair dryer and brush combination. Therefore contributing to both environmental sustainability and reduced utility costs for consumers.
  4. No heat damage: Crucially, the technology is optimised to maintain an optimal low temperature for styling wet hair. It does this by sensing temperatures 400 times per second. Thus ensuring that hair is dried and styled without exposure to damaging heat levels.
ghd Duet Blowdry Brush Heat-Air Xchange Technology

But, does it deliver a bouncy blowdry?

Fabulous technological functions don’t count for much if they don’t deliver on the lovely lock front. Fortunately, the ghd Duet Blowdry Brush offers a range of benefits to your tresses. For example, users can anticipate up to 50% more shine compared to conventional blow drying methods, owing to the gentle heating and smooth finishing capabilities of the tool. Additionally, the brush claims to provide three times more volume and a frizz-free finish, accommodating various hair types and styles, whether straight or curly. Finally, the brush boasts snag-free bristles that effortlessly glide through hair, minimising tangles and ultimately facilitating quicker and more convenient styling.

The new ghd Duet Blowdry Brush retails for $595 at

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