How Our Hospitality Sector Can Survive During COVID?

By Emeric Brard
on 16 July 2021

Even for the most seasoned professional in any industry, there’s always the opportunity to upskill, reskill and expand our knowledge and training throughout our careers. It can be a dog-eat-dog world out there with stiff competition, and when you throw in an unexpected global pandemic that has caused businesses across the board to reduce employee hours, let go of staff or dissolve entire roles or departments altogether, the need for continuous learning and training has never been more paramount.

Our friends in the hospitality industry have done it tougher than most these past 18 months, with owners and staff often being left anxious and confused when it comes to navigating their way through the ever-changing rules and regulations on how to be COVID safe and compliant. In an industry that has had more than its fair share of challenges and shake-ups, and is now facing major staff shortages across the country, now is the time for those currently in the industry (and those looking to enter) to brush up on their knowledge in this new COVID world we now live in.

And that’s where Restaurant & Catering Association (R&CA) comes in. The national peak body for hospitality in Australia, R&CA believes knowledge is power and has created a micro-credentials course that offers a lifeline to hospitality businesses when it comes to providing a central point of information on COVID safety processes for the industry.

R&CA represents over 48,000 cafes, restaurants and catering venues. Being experts in the industry, they offer training to thousands of hospitality professionals every year and are continuously working to improve practises across the board.

With the hope to inform, train and help businesses manage changes due to unexpected outbreaks in the state, R&CA has created an industry-specific micro-credential COVIDSafe Practises & Plans course. Developed specifically to equip the hospitality industry and staff with the knowledge and understanding of how to remain compliant in COVIDSafe systems, this course does not come at a better time than now. Free for Victorian hospitality businesses and available at $24.95 for business outside of Victoria, it’s a great way to keep teams and businesses up-to-date with the latest documentation, guidelines and processes on how to be COVIDSafe, including detailed information around the W of QR codes.

With many businesses acknowledging and realising the severity of COVID-19, participating in the right education and training could be the difference between a COVIDSafe venue and a localised outbreak. Thanks to R&CA, hospitality venues now have the opportunity to stay informed and updated on the latest COVIDSafe practices in the one-hour micro-credential course. For all the need to know about this innovative course, head to Restaurant and Catering Association’s website here.


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