How to Feng Shui Your Home with Apps

By Frederique Bros
on 27 July 2013

Feng Shui is the oldest Chinese art of living in harmony with your environment. I’ve selected the four best apps to help you how to Feng Sui your home with your mobile phone. Feng Shui is often defined as the art of placement because much of it revolves around determining the positive or negative directions for the people, their dwellings, and the relationship between them. If you feel a little bit unbalanced in your home, try those apps, move few things in your rooms, and I promise you will feel a difference!

Feng Shui Life Compass – $1.99

Having relationship problems? Want a Career boost? Health issues? Get a Life Compass and instantly find the Qi (energy) that will best support your relationships, profession, health and personal growth. Navigate the world of Feng Shui with this easy-to-use authentic App. Follow the Focus Compass as it points you to your four most positive directions for success, relationships, health and growth. Change your surroundings—and your life—when you arrange your desk, bed or furniture to align with your best energy. Personal calculations based on your Gua number. Change your life now by aligning your surroundings with your best energy-Easy to navigate for the casual user, yet accurate enough for the authentic practitioner.

Lucky Direction Feng Shui – Free

A person’s date of birth and gender are believed to determine some of the major traits of an individual, as well as Feng Shui elements that can help one to achieve his or her goals. This application will calculate the auspicious and inauspicious directions for a person based on gender and birthdate. By learning your directions, you may improve daily lives and working environment, as well as refining areas for potential self-development. There are 4 auspicious directions and 4 inauspicious directions in everyone’s life. For optimal success and harmony, you should sleep and work and sit with your head pointed to your auspicious directions.

Great! Feng Shui – $5.49

This App provides charts and analysis based on the Compass School of Feng Shui and Nine Star Ki Japanese Feng Shui Astrology to help you determine what types of energy are helpful to you, and what types of energy are harmful to you. Five Element analysis is then used to help you optimize the energy of your home or office. Create Profiles for you and your family, friends or clients. The Profile calculates which compass sectors influence your success, health, romance and personal growth.  There are also compass sectors which bring bad luck, obstacles, illness and total loss.

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