How to Navigate A Video Interview

By Emma Crameri Emma Crameri has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 24 February 2021

Here are some of my thoughts on taking a video interview using a smartphone app or your webcam.

The first time I tried a video interview app, I felt a little rushed and unprepared. Unfortunately, the program didn’t want to work on my computer, so I had to quickly download the app to my smartphone. However, since then I have discovered there are better video interviewing apps out there.

I found some helpful advice online. It’s best to dress up as if you are in a real interview – so think smart business wear. Look for a top with a plain solid colour, as patterned materials can be distracting on videos. Write down some prepared interview examples that you can use and which follow the STAR format (situation, tasks, actions and result).

The second video interview was via a dedicated video interviewing program and app called HireVue. I was able to practice the question with a text prompt, then answer the questions on my mobile phone. Each question had a time limit – which was a little intimidating. You can resubmit an answer if you make a mistake.

Make sure you select an area of your house or office space which has a plain background without distracting clutter. I filmed my video in the dining room with a plain white background behind and my smartphone resting on the table. You may need a phone stand – I ended up placing a couple of books underneath my phone stand so the video camera was at a more flattering angle.

I think it’s better to film during the day with natural sunlight to ensure there are less shadows and a good quality image.

The second part of the video interview software were more like a personality and IQ/EQ test. There were four games or quizzes to attempt. These were called:

  • Shapedance: matching similar shaped objects together
  • Numerosity: a series of maths test (think basic addition and subtraction)
  • Emotions: matching photos of people showing a facial expression with the appropriate feeling
  • Teamchat: a couple of different workplace conversation scenarios via texting

Another video interview I attempted was via Vieple. This time I was able to use my webcam and desktop computer. I could answer the four questions in the comfort of my home.

Video Interviewing Pros

  • Time-efficient and convenient – you can answer the questions at a time that suits you (including after business hours and on the weekend)
  • You don’t need to travel into the city for a screening interview
  • Fairly easy to use depending on the program – take the time to read any instructions

Video Interviewing Cons

  • Requires access to a camera or smartphone, tablet or laptop
  • If you run into technical issues, it may be difficult to resolve them – so try not to leave your video interview to the last minute

Have you had any experience with a video interview? What are your tips and tricks for preparing?

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Vieple is the global leader in video interview technology. It is the simplest and most efficient way for you and your organisation to conduct remote and first-round interviews.

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