How To Stop Wasting Time On Your Apple MacBook

By Frederique Bros
on 9 February 2022

I have selected 6 productivity apps to help you to control your time spending on your Apple MacBook computer. Myself, as a creative person it is difficult to stay concentrate on one task at the time and of course I was wasting a lot of precious time. I needed help to remove distractions and stay focused. With those apps, I am finally in control of my work time and I become more productive, so if it works for me it will work for you! Here:

How To Stop Wasting Time On Your Apple MacBook

New iMacs
New iMacs

Pomodoro – Offers Inapp purchases

Distraction leads to procrastination, which is what Pomodoro aims to eradicate once and for all. Using the famous Pomodoro Technique by Francesco Cirillo, this app offers several features besides setting you to work in 25-minute time bursts. 

Focus Booster – Free Trial

Built in Adobe Air, Focus Booster is another beautiful Pomodoro app for those who work according to the Pomodoro technique. Available on the web and for PC or Mac users, Focus Booster aims to help you get things done through unobtrusive design and simple but effective functionality.


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BreakTime – $7.99

BreakTime encourages you to take breaks in between bursts of productivity. Spending too much time sitting and staring at your computer screen can cause health problems for you, so BreakTime makes sure that you stand up and move away from your desk by disabling your dock and dimming the screen.


Time Out – Free

Time Out is another application that encourages you to take breaks in between work hours. By default, regular breaks are 50 minutes of work, 10 minutes for breaks with 15-second “micro breaks” in between. Once it’s time for a break, it slowly fades over your desktop and disables your dock to prevent you from doing anything but rest. 


Vitamin R 2 – $27.99

Vitamin R is a more powerful and feature-rich application for those who want to fully recapture their focus and fully motivate themselves to concentrate. It slices your tasks through short time bursts of between 10 to 30 minutes, while giving you full control over the way you work. 

Time Sink – $7.99

I end this round-up with a simple but useful application called Time Sink. It keeps track of how you spend your time on your Mac by automatically logging opened windows and applications and recording the amount of time spent on these. 

Recapture the Lost Art of Joyful Concentration. Overcome Procrastination. Get Motivated.

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