How To Undo Sending Embarrassing Text Messages

By Frederique Bros
on 8 March 2015

Have you ever regretted sending an instant message but it was too late? It happened to all of us, sometimes we are too busy running and we don’t think properly before sending a SMS or simply sometimes we are angry, then press send, and a couple of hours when you calmed down, you think: “Bummer! I shouldn’t have done that!” Well, as they say… there’s an app for that.

How To Undo Sending Embarrassing Text Messages

US-based company Strings has launched an instant messaging app that lets you share what you want with who you want and take it back, if you want.”

It’s a catchy motto, but how does it work?

Strings – Free – Apple

Strings allows you to delete sent messages, images and videos from your phone as well as the phone of the person that you sent them to.

– The app also prevents the recipient from downloading, sharing or even getting a screenshot of your content without your permission.

– The catch is that the recipient needs to be a user of the messaging app as well.

– Strings claims that once a user deletes content from a conversation, it is removed from their phone, all devices it was shared with, and the company’s servers.

While the Strings app is not the first of its kind in the market, its popularity has skyrocketed since the beta version was launched on 31 December.

Other apps featuring messages that self-destruct after a set time include Invisible Text and Ansa.

Invisible Text – Free – Apple

Invisible Text has created a solution just for you. With its patented technology, this app ensures secure transmission of data between smart phones, computers, tablets and more. And even screen capture protection!

Ansa – Free – Apple

Ansa is the safest place to let go, and be yourself with friends. It’s the only messaging app that lets you communicate like you do in person, without leaving a record behind.

Removing online content permanently is not as simple as deleting posts. Some analysts believe there could be regulatory difficulties concerning the private content that people want to take back.

While we have access to those apps, there’s no guarantee of complete privacy in a messaging application.

Image: DepositPhotos & Apple
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