If You’re Planning An All Australian Road Trip, CB Radios Will Help

By Pamela Connellan
on 11 January 2024

If you’ve got itchy feet because you’ve been staying home too long, then there’s every chance you’re wanderlust is growing and that includes exploring Australia. And this is a good idea but you’ll need lots of tech gadgets to take along, including some CB radios, so you can stay in contact even when you’re in the more remote parts of Australia.

Uniden have a low cost option with their UH45 series of 80 Channel radios so you can stay connected on your next adventure – even in the most remote locations where there’s no mobile reception.

The radios come in a pack of four in the bright colours of lime, turquoise, orange and crimson. They’re built for the rugged conditions of Australia and New Zealand with a range of up to 3+km. If you use the range extender (Duplex) capability, the radios can achieve even further range depending on the location of your local repeater station and topographical conditions.

Uniden UH45
The Uniden UH45 CB radios are built for the rugged conditions of Australia
and New Zealand and they’re ideal to take hiking for added safety.

These UH45 radios will help friends and family stay in touch if everyone’s camping outdoors or exploring remote areas because they provide an easy and reliable way to communicate when mobile phone signal is minimal.

Take them hiking as an extra safety precaution

They’re designed to be compact and lightweight as well so they’re good to take when you’re hiking through the bush in small numbers as if anyone gets separated, you can keep in touch.

A special Kid Zone function blocks out any unwanted conversations on other channels. This creates a secure and safe way for children to communicate with their parents while on holiday, or when playing with friends in the backyard.

You can keep tabs on battery levels via the backlit LCD display. An inbuilt LED light provides users with an additional light source when visibility is low, perfect for navigating a campsite at night.

The unit also has an operating time of up to 20 hours and can be easily, quickly and in a cost saving manner be charged through a Micro USB with the radio compatible with rechargeable batteries (not included). This is a big saving because you won’t need to keep buying new batteries.

How do they rate?

Uniden UH45

Here at Women Love Tech, we tried the UH45 radios and we tested their range. We found there’s no problem using the radios when you’re a few kilometres apart and they dish out crystal clear sound. in the end, you start to wonder why you have a mobile phone when these radios are providing such an easy type of wireless communications.

Uniden says the radios have an operating time of up to 20 hours and this is based on 5% transmitting, 5% receiving and 90% waiting mode. We found if you’re doing a lot of talking, you’ll need to replace the batteries faster, but if you use the rechargeable batteries and then hook them up to charge on the USB, this makes it a lot easier.

All up, these radios are a handy piece of extra tech to pack when you’re going on a long trip and you could be off the beaten track i.e. away from mobile signal. Let’s face it, you only have to off the main highway and sometimes there can be an issue.

But they’re also a lot of fun to use around the home and back yard – especially for kids who’ll be able to use them easily.

Please note: Of the 80 channels available, channels 22 and 23 are used for telemetry and telecommand applications, so voice communications are not permitted on these channels and transmission is inhibited. Channels 61, 62 and 63 are guard channels and are unavailable for use.

For more information about these UH45 series radios from Uniden, take a look here.

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