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Innovative And Easy Ways To Create A Professional Email Signature

2 Easy Ways To Create A Professional Email Signature

Here are two online tools which help you to create a professionally designed email signature without all the fuss or expense of hiring a graphic designer.

Wise Stamp

Wise Stamp allows you to add a photo or your company’s logo. You can change the photo to have a round or square shape. You just fill in the fields on the online form on the left-hand side and on the right-hand side you can see a preview of how it will look.

You can add your social media profiles with links via their icon to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. There are nearly 50 popular icons preloaded, but you can also add your own.

You can create a personalised signature for free with Wise Stamp.
You can create a personalised signature for free with Wise Stamp.

The free version adds the Wise Stamp branding, alternatively you can upgrade for US$6 per month and gain access to premium templates. The free version doesn’t let you change the font size, social icon size or template colour.

The template gallery sets out your details, photo and social media icons in different formats – from basic, to professional, to vertical or minimalistic. No knowledge of HTML is needed.

The Wise Stamp email signature works with Gmail, Outlook, AOL, Yahoo!, Outlook, iPhone, MacMail and Thunderbird.

Hubspot Email Signature Generator

Hubspot’s email signature template generator has less options, but they are designed perfectly and all of them are free. Enter your details in to the online form and upload your logo or photo. You can add your social media accounts for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

There are only eight themes (or layout formats), but you can change the text colour, feature colour and link colour to your company’s branding. There are three font sizes and only two font styles (Sans Serif and Serif).

At the bottom of your signature you can add your Call to Action (CTA) with a hyperlink and image. If you want to add your HubSpot Academy certifications you can also do that here, but you don’t have it if it’s not relevant your position.

I have used Wise Stamp for many years, but recently swapped over to Hubspot for my personal email account.

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