It Burns By Marc Fennel: Discover Audible’s first docu-series

By Women Love Tech
on 22 April 2019 has launched It Burns, an Australian audio series by presenter Marc Fennell which takes a close look at the cut-throat world of competitive chilli-eating and the race to breed the world’s hottest chilli. Marc explores what attracts people to melt-your-face-off pain as he gets up close and personal with a community of hardcore ‘Chilli-heads’ –  those who eat chillies competitively.

 It Burns: The Scandal-Plagued Race to Breed the World’s Hottest Chili is the first Australian Audible Original for the nation’s leading audiobook and audio entertainment provider. Free to listen to on Audible (for both members and new listeners) until 15th June 2019.

 The series takes listeners from the Australian Coast to South Carolina following allegations that an Australian chilli-growing family was cheated of a Guinness World Record. As a chilli lover himself, Marc discovers the race is about much more than we could think. It’s about how people use pain to define their sense of self and feel more alive. 

 “Using intimate and gripping audio, Marc is able to go into places and unlock emotion and narrative from characters in a way that couldn’t be done in any other medium.”

Ben Naparstek, Director of Original Content,

It Burns is now available at exclusively on Audible.


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