It Takes Two Game

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on 13 May 2021

It Takes Two is a romantic story with a big action adventure and challenging gameplay. You need to help Cody and May learn to overcome their differences and fix their relationship. Their daughter doesn’t want them to get a divorce, and unknowingly turns them into dolls by a magic spell.

They are trapped in a fantastical world. The journey will take you to unique settings where you will encounter a diverse range of strange and endearing characters along the way. These will include a talking book, a vengeful vacuum cleaner, a mob of gangster rats, a pirate octopus and more.

It Takes Two Game
Image Credit: Hazelight, Electronic Arts

You’ll be wowed by interactive storytelling and genre-bending challenges.

The game was created for cooperative play where you can choose to play from the couch or online co-op with a split-screen view. Your friends can join online to assist for free. Just send them an invite to enjoy the adventure together.

The game was created by Swedish game developers Hazelight. Published by Electronic Arts.

Release date: March 2021

Available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC (Origin, Steam).

Download from Electronic Arts website:

Genre: Action, Adventure

About Hazelight

Hazelight continues to push gaming into new uncharted waters with our unique way of weaving story and gameplay together in our game experiences.

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