IWD: Jacine Greenwood On What Cracking The Code Means To Her

By Alice Duthie
on 9 March 2023

Here, at Women Love Tech, it is our mission to empower young girls and women to overcome gender biases and embrace careers in STEM. That’s why for IWD 2023, we asked trailblazing women to share their thoughts on this year’s theme, ‘Cracking the Code: Innovation for a gender equal future’.

One of these women is Jacine Greenwood, CEO and Founder of Roccoco Botanicals and internationally award-winning cosmetic chemist. Jacine founded her skincare company based on the core belief that everyone should be able to love the skin they’re in. Jacine developed her products in response to the skin frustrations she and her children were living with – acne, eczema, and dermatitis. Filled with compassion for people who suffer from and struggle with skin problems, Jacine has trodden the path of healing the often-invisible emotional scars that skin conditions can leave us with.

Jacine Greenwood

This IWD, Jacine wanted to share an important message that not enough of us talk about – that is, the importance of honouring and respecting the capabilities of older women in the workforce:

“For me, Cracking The Code for innovation for a gender-equal future, is about honouring the knowledge and innate wisdom of women. I have found that women over 60 are often disregarded in the job market. Having employed women over 60 that have brought a wealth of not only knowledge, but ideas into my business, their experience and insight allows me to understand and innovate for the wiser generation.”

Jacine added that, “support from role models is also important for innovation to occur. I used to wish that there were more female role models when I was growing up. This prompted me to be a role model for other women and to inspire them to reach their potential. This is how we create change in the world.”


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