Jump, Jump with the Jump Rope Dudes

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on 20 May 2021

Dan Witmer and Brandon Epstein have created a popular and fun fitness program based on jumping rope. They have created a community after losing 130 lbs collectives after years of struggling to stay lean.

The dudes moved to Colombia and lived off savings to start their business. Later they moved to Hawaii and created more videos on their YouTube channel. They currently have just over 1 million YouTube subscribers.

Jump Rope Dudes Fitness Programs

There are currently three fitness programs:

  • JRD90 Program – aimed at rapid weight loss in just 90 days
  • Shredded Ninja Workout Plan – 30 minutes per day with no gym required for fat loss
  • Swole Samurai Workout Plan – build muscle in 30 minutes per day with no gym required

Jumping with a rope has a range of health benefits including being amazing for weight loss, improves coordination, decrease foot and ankle injuries, improves posture, increase bone density, helps you recover from injury, boosts intelligence, works your muscles, improves heart health, and relieves stress and anxiety.

Here’s the best jump rope on the market:

If you’re after a lean trim body and physique then you might like to join the Jump Rope Guys.

You can grab the 7-day challenge workouts here by joining our community at: http://jumpropedudes.com/

About Jump Rope Dudes

The Jump Rope Dudes (Dan Witmer and Brandon Epstein) are the creators of Jump Rope Dudes. The largest online fitness brand in the world dedicated exclusively to jump rope exercise.

After losing a combined 130 pounds on their own fitness journeys they have taken what they have learned and helped thousands of people around the world transform their bodies and lives through jump rope training as well. Across social media that have amassed a following of 400k+ people.

The Jump Rope Dudes have been featured in numerous publications including GQ, the Wall Street Journal, presented at Google and have collaborated with record labels like Roc Nation to introduce new music to their audience via jump rope workouts. #dothething

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