Kitchen Appliances: Unlocking Secrets to Virtual Wine Cellars

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on 12 September 2020

Intrigued by the locked wine fridges at my local kitchen appliance shop, I was keen to learn more about the virtual wine cellars.

Regular refrigerators aren’t ideal for long-term storage of wine as they can denature and dry out the corks. Wine needs to be stored in a dark area at a constant temperature.

Who Needs a Wine Cabinet?

A dedicated wine cabinet is an ideal solution for:

  • wine collectors,
  • sommeliers,
  • restaurants
  • and anyone keen to impress their regular dinner guests.

Watch how Vintec Wine Cellars works below:

Vintec Wine Cellars – Cabinet Features

  • Dark interiors, anti-UV tinted glass doors and dim UV-free lighting
  • Unique ID numbers and audio and visual alarms for security
  • Carbon filters and dual-cycle cooling and heating
  • Correct temperature control
  • Adjustable sliding beechwood anti-vibration shelves
  • Two-year warranty

You can purchase a Vintec Cabinet to match the rest of your décor in stainless steel, borderless black glass and brushed aluminium. The wine cabinets are available in three different capacity sizes:

  • Home wine bars – 20 to 50 bottles
  • Epicure range – 110 to 198 bottles
  • Walk-in cellars – 600 to 4000 bottles

Vintec has a dedicated OENO app to help you manage and record your wine collection.

“I am totally delighted with my Vintec wine cabinet. It combines elegance and functionality of the highest order.”

James Halliday, leading Australian wine critic

You can finally donate all those mismatched old-school wine shelves to your nearest charity shop. A Vintec wine cellar is something that you can take with you when you downsize to an apartment, or add to your next kitchen renovation.

To find out more about the Vintec wine cellars head to the Vintec website.

About Vintec

Vintec is a leading specialist brand in climate-controlled wine storage solutions in Australia and Asia-Pacific. Designed to suit the modern lifestyle, Vintec wine cabinets can be built into your kitchen or add a stylish feature to a living room or study. They are recommended by the most respected wine critics and specified by leading architects and interior designers in their projects.

Whether you have dusty cases under your stairs or an investment-grade collection, Vintec has the range of capacities and styles to ensure your wine can be enjoyed at its best for many years to come – recreating the ideal storage conditions found only in the best natural underground cellars.

Image Credit: Photo by Nick Monica on Unsplash

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