Kylie Jenner App Beats Kim Kardashian’s!

By Frederique Bros
on 21 September 2015

According to the Internet the app is set to make $32 million, the app launched few days ago is already top of the iTunes charts.

Kylie Jenner App Beats Kim Kardashian’s!

Let’s see a bit in details what to expect from the new app.

The Kylie Jenner Official App gives Kylie’s audience unprecedented and exclusive personal access to her life. Through the app, Kylie shares original and curated content, a personally programmed radio station, access to offline events, tutorials, will live stream with fans and much more. Kylie is giving her fans more access and is providing experiences through her app, which have never been offered before.

Kylie Jenner Official App – Free – Apple

Good To Know

Kylie Jenner Official App is $2.99 a month.

If you are new to the Kylie Jenner Official App, your Kylie Jenner Official App subscription fee will be charged $2.99/month through your iTunes account as a recurring transaction, and will automatically renew unless you cancel your account at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription month. You can manage your subscription, cancel anytime, or turn off auto-renewal by accessing your iTunes account.


• Live streaming video and behind-the-scenes content
• Beauty tutorials
• Kylie’s exclusive radio station – “Kylie Radio”
• How to get Kylie’s style: shopping tips, fashion advice, and where to buy
• Special access to events and giveaways
• Kylie’s favorite products
• Exclusive personal photographs

Kylie’s website:

Customer Reviews

“If you’re obsessed with Kylie you’ll love this app!”     

“Thought the app was very creative! Love how you’re keeping it updated constantly so it’s worth the $$! The makeup tutorials are my favourite and I’m hanging out for the house tour! Love the live streams too! Although wish you could watch them again after they end! Overall amazing app for the ultimate King Kylie fan”     

“love the app!! so glad I got it, I’m a big fan so it’s great that she’s done something like this, anyone who’s complaining about paying I can understand that but if you go the website you can see stuff for free only some stuff is ‘locked’ which is what you have to buy but overall LOVE IT!! good job kylie xxxx”     

“what’s the point of having an app if you want people to spend there $$$ when you already have enough as it is. why can’t she be a like Kim and not have to pay for her app. if you’re wanting people to enjoy it and like it, why make us pay for some stupid app that most likely isn’t the greatest anyway”

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