Laundromap: The Next ‘Uber Of Dry Cleaning’ In Australia

By Women Love Tech
on 4 October 2017

The on-demand dry cleaning and delivery service is set to put $2 billion on the Australian market and has its sights to become the first standardised national dry cleaning brand.

After its successful launch in the New Zealand market, thousands have embraced the service across  Australia.

The app allows busy Aussies to outsource their laundry and dry-cleaning materials via home or office pickup and delivery.

It plans to be the “Uber of Dry Cleaning” in Australia.

Making your Laundry Easy-breezy

Hayden Foster, Co-founder and CEO of  Laundromap said the company would use funds from the planned capital raise to expand the company across Australia.

“In many ways, dry-cleaning is stuck in the past and hopefully we’re putting a modern twist on that. We’re bringing your dirty clothes into the 21st century with a service offering that is truly customer-centric.

“You no longer need to queue for your morning coffee or a cab, and thanks to Laundromap you’ll never need to queue for your dry-cleaning again.”

“We’ve eliminated the need to physically drag a big bag of dirty dry cleaning into work and the hassle of travelling on public transport with the awkwardness of freshly cleaned clothes wrapped in plastic on coat hangers.”

According to the 2016 Census data, it was found that Australians spend more than 12 hours a week of domestic housework and that includes doing laundry and dry cleaning at home. With that, Laundromap can minimize the time spend on these house chores in just a few minutes, compared to long hours.

Laundromap app is available on both iPhone and android. With just a few clicks and taps on your device, the entire job is done.

“Our experience shows that customers don’t just use Laundromap to clean work and formal wear. They’re using the app for a range of items including: standard clothing, linen, delicate items, and specialised dry-cleaning. Essentially, we’ve become a one-stop digital laundry shop.”

Through the app, outsourcing your laundry and dry-cleaning can be done in just a few minutes compared to doing it on your own. It’s just effortless by utilising Laundromap services.

With their partnership with trusted and proven dry cleaning and laundry businesses, Laundromap has never failed their customers. The standard service has a 48 hour turnaround time while the express service has 24 hours turnaround time.

Laundromap is also available as a free download on Android and iOS devices 

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