11 Powerful LinkedIn Connections Empowering Women In Business

Emeric Brard
on November 13, 2022

Women still struggle with having a voice, obtaining equal pay, and even getting jobs in companies all over the world, but there are many organisations dedicated to making a change to all that. There are hundreds of programs and communities providing women from all industries with the support and tools required to inspire and empower them, the only issue is knowing where to look.

Women Love Tech has compiled a list of 11 must-follow women-empowering LinkedIn connections.


AllBright, LinkedIn

AllBright is a network and community celebrating and connecting smart-thinking women, supporting them at all stages of their career. With both the AllBright Academy, the online curriculum helping female founders and aspiring founders build and grow their businesses, and AllBright’s live events, they’re helping women thrive.

Nicki Singh - Global Director of Partnerships at AllBright
Nicki Singh, the Global Director of Partnerships at AllBright, talking at a recent event in Sydney
AllBright’s Nicki Singh, Lucinda Pitt, The Iconic’s Zoe Ghani, Women Love Tech’s Robyn Foyster, Executive Coach Adrian McDermott

You can follow them here.

Inspiring Rare Birds

rare birds

“Rare Birds serves a global movement of women entrepreneurs to grow and scale their businesses. For women working in small, medium or large organisations, Rare Birds can equip them with entrepreneurial skills and nurture an entrepreneurial mindset.”

With the likes of mentoring programs, the world’s first all-female, all-inclusive, full-service speaker’s agency and media hub called Rare Birds Speak, and their educative resources helping young entrepreneurs, Inspiring Rare Birds hopes to create a global community of one million women entrepreneurs by 2020.

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Business Chicks

Business Chicks

As Australia’s largest and most influential community for women, Business Chicks focuses on giving women all the tools they need to succeed and push your business forward.

“When you’re a member of Business Chicks, there’s not just one woman who has your back, there are thousands.”

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SheEO, LinkedIn

A global initiative looking to transform how we finance, support and celebrate innovative and disruptive females making a change that benefits humanity as a whole.

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Code Like a Girl

Code Like a Girl, connection, women

Code Like a Girl is a social enterprise providing women with the confidence, tools, knowledge and support to enter and flourish, in the world of coding. Our Game Changer, Debbie Taylor, who with NBN is collaborating with Code Like a Girl to provide coding camps for girls.

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Femeconomy, women, LinkedIn

Women make 85% of purchase decisions. With that in mind, Femeconomy aims to “use consumer and procurement activism to progress gender equality by unlocking the power of the purse.” The ultimate end goal is to have more females in leadership roles. Already, Femeconomy approved companies have at least 30% female board directors or 50% female ownership.

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The Wing

The Wing

The Wing is a New York-based network providing work and community spaces for women founded by Audrey Gelman and Lauren Kassan in 2016.

“The Wing is quickly becoming one of the world’s most potent and influential women’s networks by creating spaces where members can meet, work, create, learn and join forces.”

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Women’s Executive Network

Women's Executive Network

WXN has over 80 annual events ranging from innovative networking, mentoring, professional and personal development to inform, inspire, connect and recognize our community of over 22,000 women, men and their organizations in the pursuit of excellence.

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Women Unlimited

Women Unlimited, connection

Women Unlimited, through their developmental programs and three pillars of leadership: mentoring, education and networking; are building leaders who deliver results.

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Women’s Network Australia

Womens Network Australia

Women’s Network Australia is a space that empowers all women by connecting and collaborating with one another. WNA gives you the opportunity to meet other aspiring women who equally understand the importance of connections.

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The Women’s Network

The Women's Network

The Women’s Network was established to inspire and empower women while also taking into consideration the barriers that women encounter when entering and advancing within the workforce.

“The Women’s Network strives to meet four primary goals, among others: providing an opportunity to network with leaders in a wide array of fields, building and fostering a community of passionate, supportive women, educating and acknowledging both expected and unforeseeable barriers and bias, and gaining exposure to the professional world.”

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