One Man, 82 Countries, 38 Tech Events – Meet Myriad’s Martin Talvari

By Brittany Bloomer
on 4 January 2018

Martin Talvari is a man on a mission. He’s been to 82 countries, put on 38 tech events and is flying a Qantas plane from Silicon Valley to Brisbane for the upcoming Myriad event. Oh and he’s only aged 30. Here Brittany Bloomer profiles the young tech entrepreneur.

Martin Talvari’s story is a unique one, one that comes with a lot of teachings & first-hand knowledge to provide a deeper insight into the future of Australian technology. After travelling around the world to 82 countries and hosting Slush tech conferences in 38 of them, in true nomadic style over a period of 4 years, he has finally slowed down and made a decision to invest his time on what he believes is a promising plan for the future.

To tell you a bit more about Martin & his plan, he is hosting an event held in Australia showcasing the growing local technology industry & connecting them with investors & high-flyers from the tech capital, Silicon Valley. But why Australia you may ask? Well, it all started at one point, to bring him to where he is today.

Born in 1987 in Estonia during the Soviet Union occupation and grew up in the 90’s when Estonia got re-independent, he experienced first-hand what a country felt like; being small and remote without any resources. People had to work harder.

Later, he moved to Finland (another country that beat above its weight). He admired how the Finn’s earned this incredible pride for their nation, as they worked hard to become one of the best innovators.

He grew a strong level of respect for both countries on the ethics & hard work which the community were involved with & he was reminded of this when he first visited Brisbane after connecting with a few local founders & students. When hosting a Slush event in Melbourne, the students from Brisbane were the most active to participate.

Martin felt a strong connection between Australia and the Nordics. Australia is deeply invested in research, sits on a ton of resources and has an early adopter mindset that makes it ideally suited for innovation. There is a wealth of talent and entrepreneurial spirit here, and he believes Myriad will play a key role in fixing the collaboration vehicle by creating an unprecedented direct link to Silicon Valley and other tech hubs around the world.

His long-term goal is to help Australia level up and take its place on the world stage. He believes the massive shared experience will help break down boundaries not only between the national and international borders but between tech and other sectors, leading to higher social and economic advancement.

He has seen first-hand how an event like Slush can not only shift the way the country is viewed, but attract more tech/innovation trade and put it on a global map.

As Martin Talvari quotes; “The timing is ripe, Australia has to collaborate to compete with the rest of the world”.

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