5 Crucial Tips To Stay Media-Smart Online

Emeric Brard
on 9 February 2021

Online platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok have become staples in our lives when it comes to entertainment and socialising. But during a pandemic where we are spending more time indoors, we’re naturally scrolling on our phones more than we’re strolling outside and so, therefore, we need to know how to best stay safe online. 

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Here are five media-safe tips to have you confidently navigating the web: 

#1 Do your research

There will be times when you come across content that doesn’t seem so legitimate, and most of the time when you have gut feelings, it’s best to trust them. Always follow up on information that you’re unsure of and check the credentials of the author. 

#2 Don’t believe everything you see

When you do encounter information that seems surprising, don’t simply accept what you see, instead, question it. Research the topic and separate fact from opinion. 

#3 Visuals can be misleading 

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Misleading visuals are also forms of manipulation, so be wary. If you find that an image has been changed or tweaked to be misleading, report it. If you can, to verify, reverse search the image on your search engine. 

#4 Challenge your natural bias 

Try and diversify the content that you usually watch online. By doing this, you can challenge your natural biases and explore a more balanced world view. 

#5 Check check and check again

If you come across completely or partially fabricated information, you can verify if it is false by checking on the International Fact-Checking Network website. If it is false, report and refrain from liking or sharing. 

How have you been staying media-safe? Let us know in the comments. 

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