Meet Lift, Logitech’s New Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

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on 22 May 2022

Logitech’s Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse looks like no other mouse I’ve ever seen. At first glance, it resembles a mini iron because of its height and shape. But this is all part of its ergonomic design to make it comfortable to use, for longer.

Ideal for small to medium-sized hands thanks to its compact size, the newly released wireless mouse has really been designed with women in mind because it’s us women who generally speaking have a smaller hand size. It also comes in a range of on trend colours including the rose colour below and is certified carbon neutral.

Logitech Ergonomic Mouse Is designed for comfort

Lift’s soft rubber grip and thumb rest keep smaller hands more comfortable. Its 57-degree vertical design gives users a relaxing grip and takes pressure off the wrist while promoting a more natural forearm posture throughout the day.

The unusual shape takes a bit of getting used to but it helps make you shift your position in a way that is better for your posture.

Lift is the latest addition to Logitech’s Ergo Series and took several rounds of user testing involving Logitech’s Ergo Lab to craft – and now has the stamp of approval from leading ergonomic institutions.

Ergonomic Mouse

“Ergonomics and comfort play a vital role in overall workspace wellbeing,” said Olessia Hageman, head of the ergo business unit at Logitech.

“Building on our philosophy of when we feel better, we do better, we have created Lift to help people work in comfort for hours and feel better at the end of a long day at the desk.”

Lift’s silent magnetic SmartWheel offers both speed and precision for accurate line-by-line edits or quickly scrolling through long documents. Wirelessly connect Lift in an instant to Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome OS, iPadOS and Android operating systems via Bluetooth Low Energy or the secure Logi Bolt USB Receiver. With Logitech Flow, maintain all-day focus and effortlessly manage workflow across up to 3 multi-OS devices.

Lift’s sustainable design means it has been produced in such a way as to minimise its environmental footprint, and a portion of the plastic parts are made from post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic – 70% for graphite and 54% for rose and off-white.

Logitech’s Sustainability Commitment

Logitech’s PCR program reinforces the brand’s commitment to designing for sustainability and ensures that plastics in end-of-life consumer electronics are given a second life. Current initiatives for scaling this commitment mean that approximately 65% of the mice and keyboards in Logitech’s largest portfolio include some level of PCR plastic and that new product introductions will use PCR plastic, wherever possible.

All Logitech products are certified carbon neutral. When you purchase a Logitech product, the carbon footprint of that product has been reduced to zero by supporting forestry, renewables and climate-impacted communities that reduce carbon.


This, makes you feel good about buying Logitech products.


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