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Meet Radaro, the Platform Enabling The Disruption Of Last Mile Delivery


Since its launch in 2017, Radaro has had rapid growth in the logistic sector helping businesses to improve their operations and aims to improve delivery efficiencies by up to 25%.

Radaro is disrupting the last mile delivery space, that is, the movement of goods from a transportation hub to the final delivery destination. The enterprise technology platform helps businesses dispatch, track and report on their logistics or service operations. On the customer side, the uber-like tracking experience provides consumers with the driver’s moving location in real-time, a live ETA and the ability to rate the delivery experience.

Radaro’s Co-Founder and Managing Director Brenton Gill said the objective behind the platform was to create something convenient for brands and consumers at the same time.

“We watched the way Uber completely disrupted the world through customer experience and supplier control and recognised that every corporate would want to do the same within their own space, they just didn’t have the tech to execute.”

Radaro Founders
Radaro Founders

Customers enjoy the fact they can give feedbacks and so do businesses: for example, Miele, one of Radaro’s clients has reported an increase of five times in customer feedback, driving a dramatic improvement in driver performance across a fleet of 50 trucks due to customer star rating targets.

The data collected helps to redesign supply chain models which could nowadays be outdated.

With offices in the US, Europe and Australia, and plans to further extend the global application of the platform, Radaro is heavily influential in helping brands implement its technology for maximum impact.

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  1. I came across Radaro’s technology recently and it worked like a charm. Took away the hours of waiting for a delivery.






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