The Memory App: A Seamless Solution To Information Overload

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on 1 May 2017

“If we could find a way to fit a pet elephant in your pocket, we would have done that. But we think The Memory App is a little bit easier to carry around.” – Maria Magi, Founder of The Memory App.

From the bright minds at MSY Global Pty Ltd. comes a revolution in human potential. With the worldwide launch of The Memory App for iOS, people of the world may never again forget anything important.
The Memory App essentially functions as an all-in-one database for photographs, reminder notes and calendar appointments that automatically uploads to the cloud for future retrieval. Maria Magi, the founder of the app, believes it will become an essential solution for those looking to better organise their lives.
“Imagine your life as one giant traffic jam of information,” Magi said. “The Memory App is like flying over that traffic in a brand-new helicopter.”

Your Pet Elephant

They say elephants never forget, and The Memory App is a virtual pet elephant. The app seamlessly integrates the functions of several different information storage apps into a single intuitive solution. It eliminates the clutter of sprawling memories across multiple apps and helps the user piece together the past while planning for the future. In the 21st Century we are bombarded with information all day, and it’s nearly impossible for a human being to retain everything relevant to their lives. The more someone uses The Memory App, the more perfect their memory becomes.
The Memory App functions as an all-in-one database for photographs, reminder notes and calendar appointments.

Photo Mania

A recent study by The New York Times estimated that 1.3 trillion photos will be taken in 2017, the vast majority of them on phones. People are taking more pictures than ever before, and it’s becoming more difficult to keep track of everything in their virtual photo albums. Finding a specific picture can become a time-consuming and nauseating task.
“That’s where The Memory App comes in,” Maria Magi commented. “We’ve created an incredibly efficient way to store information. We think users are going to love how easy and fun it is to use. Most importantly, it’s going to save a lot of time so you can focus on living your life.”

Tag Team

The Memory App’s tagging function is its standout feature. Users tag each entry into The Memory App, empowering their ability recall specific moments in the future. However the user wants to remember things, they can. They can use the tag “vacation” to group together photos from previous trips. They can use the tag “funny” and review their most hilarious moments later in life, or tag their significant other’s name to build an evolving storyline of their relationship with that special someone. The search function easily sifts through all of the data stored in The Memory App and recalls the most relevant content in an instant. Users will be amazed by how different tags craft unique stories and timelines.

The search function recalls the most relevant content in an instant.

Live Forever

Lifelong users of The Memory App can pass on their legacy to the next generation, leaving their children with all the memories stored on the app. It’s like immortality in digital form.
“We hope that The Memory App transcends personal use and becomes a way for people in the future to learn about life in our times,” Maria Magi stated.

Try The Memory App for Free

The Memory App is offering a free one-month trial to new users. After the trial period ends, the app works on a subscription model that starts at $3.49 per month, with prices increasing for additional cloud storage.
Install the Memory App on your phone and discover more amazing apps here.

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