Misfit Ray: The Fitness Gadget That Looks Like Jewellery

By Emma Crameri Emma Crameri has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 5 April 2018

Women Love Tech writer Emma Crameri bought a Misfit Ray after wanting a fitness tracker which looked like jewellery and was simple to use. Here’s what she found.

You can buy a customised Misfit Ray by selecting the colour of your band, and the colour of the tracker. The bands come in sports, leather, nylon and stainless steel options. There’s an option to modify you Ray as a lariat necklace. You can wear the ray on your waist, ankle, chest or wrist.

The bracelet contains watch batteries so you don’t need to charge it weekly. Misfit says the rechargeable batteries last up to 4 months, however, mine lasted just over 2 months before I got a low battery warning.

The Misfit Ray automatically tracks steps, distance, calories and light and restful sleep.

The app is user-friendly. Each day you’ll see a circle showing your progress with how many points you have accumulated.

Here it lists your activity in kilometres, calories and steps. If you wear your tracker to bed, the sleep tab displays your time awake, light and restful periods.

I have an alert to move every hour during the day and a vibration alarm for waking in the morning. You can set notifications for calls and texts (a handy way to know to check your phone if it’s on silent).

You can share your progress with friends and family. Your profile will show your highlights, progress towards your goals and achievements. For example, mine says that I have walked a total distance of 123.5 kilometres, which equals 293% of a marathon, 9.1% of the California coastline and 1.1% of the moon’s circumference.

The Misfit Ray allows you to tag specific activities, like cycling or yoga. It is water resistant to 50 metres and has an aircraft-grade anodized aluminium body. The Ray uses Bluetooth Smart wireless syncing and a 3-axis accelerometer with a piezoelectric vibration.

There is a smart button to allow you to control connected household devices, but I haven’t tried this feature yet.

The Misfit Ray is user-friendly and a great first fitness tracker for someone who just wants a base model without the hassle of weekly charging and without too many features.


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