Must-Have: one7days A Free App To Give To Charity

Frederique Bros
on 28 September 2015

One small gift. One big change. The new smartphone app enables everyone to give to charity.

Must-Have: one7days A Free App To Give To Charity

one7days – a free app – allows users to easily give $1 a week to charity with the push of a button. This may not seem much, but with the collective power of thousands of people around the world doing the same, a significant lump sum donation will be raised for a different charitable project every single week.

The app makes it simpler and more accessible to learn about and give to a range of different causes and provides an opportunity for individuals who aren’t usually engaged with the charity sector, to get involved.

Individual donations are capped at $52 a year, making it easy and affordable for almost anybody with a mobile phone. Importantly, the user is not locked in to give $1 every single week. They can choose if and when they would like to give.

Each week one7days will notify app users with a featured “Charity of the Week” allowing people to support a range of different causes without having to limit their philanthropy to just one or two charities.

“All it takes is one dollar and one minute of your time, once a week.”

Studies have shown the 18-35 demographic gives the least to charity. The app’s brainchild Amy Eade says “Through our research, we have found the main reasons young people admit they don’t regularly donate to charity are that they do not have enough spare income and they don’t know where to start. It’s difficult to choose just one charity that deserves support when there are so many worthy causes out there. There is also an element of guilt around a small donation not being enough to have an impact where it is needed.” The one7days app changes this perception, as it demonstrates that there is power in numbers.

“Some charities have even told us that they can’t or don’t know how to get younger people to engage, so we really are tapping into a somewhat elusive market.”

“Of course, we hope everyone will use the app, as the more people who do the more impactful it will be. But primarily it is aimed at the younger generation; uni students, those with their first jobs and young families.”

A number of well-known charities are already on board such as World Vision, Oxfam and Action Against Hunger.

World Vision Australia’s corporate partnerships manager Kyla-Jane Rickard said World Vision Australia was excited about one7days raising awareness and funds for community development work being undertaken in disadvantaged communities around the world.

“We are encouraged by this great initiative and how it will engage with youth and students across the globe to make a difference in the world they live in,” she said.

The Melbourne-based team has decided to highlight local organisation Heartfelt as the app’s inaugural charity. Heartfelt comprises volunteer professional photographers from all over Australia, dedicated to giving the gift of photographic memories to families that have experienced stillbirths, premature births, or have children with serious and terminal illnesses. 

“We are excited about being on one7days panel of partners because we know that most people love making a difference and this app helps bridge the gap between wanting to make a difference and making a difference.” Gavin Blue, President, Heartfelt.

The one7days app is engaging and very simple to use. 

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