Afraid Of Needles? Fear No More – NeedleCalm Is Here!

By Emeric Brard
on 20 October 2021

Do needles scare you? Does the thought of receiving a jab make you all queasy inside? Well, you’re not alone. In fact, research has shown that 1 in 10 people are afraid of the long pointy thing.

This fear is known as Trypanophobia and it can make life rather difficult, especially in the midst of Covid vaccines.

But fear no more. A solution, called NeedleCalm, has been found that can reduce pain and stress associated with needles – and it might help Australia out of the pandemic!

Recently announced as a winner of Australia’s peak international design awards during the 2021 Good Design Awards Week, NeedleCalm is a device that assists with the reduction of needle-associated pain with injection, immunisation, venepuncture and catheterisation procedures often associated with vaccinations, blood donations and tests, and cancer treatment.

This breakthrough could see Australia edge closer and closer to their Covid 19 goals, especially with the “prospect of helping to vaccinate children in a safer, faster and less stressful way for kids, parents and medical practitioners alike,” said Lauren Barber, CEO and Founder of NeedleCalm.

Lauren Barber, NeedleCalm
Lauren Barber, CEO of NeedleCalm

This medical breakthrough will help overcome what is a common issue, and in doing so will improve healthcare and its long term efficiency. NeedleCalm is estimated to be usable for around 60% – or 76 million – of needle procedures in Australia each year.

“The discreet aesthetics of the device and its similarity to a sticky plaster may assist in uptake and the technique of activating alternate pain receptor pathways is clever too.”

With a simple, discreet sticky plaster-like device that communicates with alternate pain receptor pathways, the needle nightmares can disappear faster than you can say “vaccine”.

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