New Instagram Rules – Do They Signal the End of the Platform?

Emma Crameri Emma Crameri has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 30 March 2023

Over on TikTok, content creators have been talking about Instagram’s new rules and guidelines.

After the announcement that Meta was going to stop paying influencers for Instagram and Facebook reels, the creators are looking at concentrating on other social media platforms. With the blue tick verification, it’s become a ruthless ‘pay to play’ model.

Meta is rumoured to have said the latest Instagram rules are:

Creating Content Tips

  • Instagram prefers content created when you edit inside the app
  • Instagram prefers content using their music selection (so they can get the commission)
  • Do use calls to action, polls, and ask me anything (AMA) posts that encourage your audience to interact with your account.
  • Do tell your audience to scroll for more photos or leave a comment or emoji.
  • Engage with all of your comments (they’ll receive a reminder prompt to come back to your account)
  • Avoid content created with CapCut or professional editing software
  • Avoid sounds or music prior to uploading multimedia in the platform
  • Avoid sharing videos with a TikTok watermark (you can use snaptik to remove it)
  • Do not link to your TikTok account via Instagram (they are competitors)

Scheduling Instagram Post Tips

  • The algorithm prefers accounts that post to the grid (or the feed) every day. (This was previously 2 to 3 times per week).
  • The algorithm prefers vertical videos (9 x 16) as people are using their phones to view the content, not their computers (this is called mobile-first design). Do not post square or landscape videos, or anything with black borders on the side.
  • The algorithm prefers two stories per day. At the maximum, you could spread these over the day so the schedule would look like 2 in the morning, 2 at midday, and 2 at night. Do not post more than 6 stories per day, as this will be considered spammy.

Hashtag Tips

  • The algorithm prefers 3 to 5 hashtags (this was previously 30 then it was reduced to 9)
  • Instead of using hashtags, you’ll need to add your keywords into the caption, so make it meaningful and detailed.

There are also rumours that Meta is actively lobbying against TikTok to eliminate their biggest trending competitor.

You can expect to see more paid advertisements on the platform. Creators will need to pay to be seen or found. Lately, I have noticed a higher concentration of ads on Instagram, and fewer that were relevant to me.

Visit Instagram’s @Creator’s account and look for the highlight called IG Anthems. It’s currently purple with a white music symbol. The songs are based on what the music labels want to promote, but not necessarily what’s popular with your target audience.

Impact of New Instagram Rules

These new Instagram rules will favour professional social media managers who are using scheduling software to plan out their social media posts. Payment rates may vary between different countries.

These unrealistic rules were not popular with some content creators, especially ones who currently use professional software (like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro) on desktops to edit and create their content. (Unfortunately, Instagram’s editing tools are basic).

Remember that the algorithms are always changing, and you can always move to a different app, or have a social media break at any time.

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