New Social Media Buzz: Video Testimonials

By Frederique Bros
on 15 February 2016

When we talk about social media you think straight away Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter right? But would you trust those channels where you are looking for recommendations, endorsements, and feedback with video capabilities? Few, if any, apps are available that do this in a simple way, until now…

New Social Media Buzz: Video Testimonials

FeedYak is the new app giving people the ability to provide feedback on everything from businesses and travel destinations to people, and across many channels.

FeedYak – Free – Apple – Google

FeedYak is disrupting the way people request and give feedback, endorsements, and recommendations about individuals and businesses using a do-it-yourself video platform. The app enables users to record video testimonials, request video feedback from anyone with a smartphone, and showcase video reviews by sharing on social networks, blogs, and other apps. This two-way communication channel can also help to support customer communities and to better communicate customer experiences.

Because video is honest, emotive and visual, FeedYak can also be used to help support customer communities and to better understand perspectives of target consumer groups. FeedYak puts users inside the minds of the people who matter most to them in a way that no other method can achieve.

“Today it is possible to capture single moments on most social networks, but not a single offering focuses on capturing opinions around an individual or experiences with a composite of images, videos and words from third parties,” said David Watkins, co-founder, and CEO of FeedYak.

“FeedYak allows users to record personal statements as well as record and request feedback from others to create a rich and detailed online profile that reveals who they are, what qualities they possess and what accomplishments they have earned both personally and professionally, thereby better positioning themselves for their next great opportunity.”

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