What Not To Do When Using Snapchat

By Frederique Bros
on 5 May 2016

The new social media Snapchat is not so easy to find the right balance straight away. What are the best times to post and most important how to gain followers?

Here some 3 main tips to help you to find your groove on the social media network and to built a visual storytelling.

What Not To Do When Using Snapchat

In this post, you’ll learn what makes a great Snapchat, how to gain followers on Snapchat, and how to get more views on your Snapchat stories!

1. Don’t launch your Snapchat with a QR code

Simply posting your Snapchat ghost on your Instagram and asking people to follow you isn’t going to work.

Instead, think about how you can use your product in a weird or interesting way that will get people’s attention. If you entice your Instagram or Twitter followers with something unique and creative that’s exclusive to your Snapchat channel, then they will come over to watch it, and you’ll gain Snapchat followers.

Instead of just posting our QR code, tease your content on Twitter to entice your Twitter followers to add us on Snapchat to see the rest of his tips

2. Don’t make your snaps too long

Once you have your Snapchat followers, you have to keep them engaged and involved. So, what makes a great Snapchat? You want your snap to be so busy and so entertaining that your followers don’t have a chance to completely consume all the info.

This is where marketing on Snapchat becomes more complicated than “traditional” social media marketing. Isn’t makings sure your followers understand the message the whole point? Let’s say you’re wanting to post a photo or video of the newest products at your store – you’d probably think that you’ll want to set the post for the full 10 seconds so everyone can see how great your new product is. But that’s not necessarily the case.

You want [your followers] to always be wanting more, like they didn’t get enough time to process it. Because as soon as they see your new product and think ‘oh that’s cool,’ there’s still four seconds left…and they’ll just swipe off your story.

The second that someone is bored on Snapchat, your whole story is gone with a simple swipe. Keep your Snapchat followers engaged with fun and interesting snaps: “Doodle on the image, add an emoji, have fun with it, and only post it for 4-6 seconds,” explains Shaun.

3. Don’t post all your snaps at once

Another burning question for marketers using Snapchat is “what’s the best time to post on Snapchat?” Unlike other social networks, there is no best time to post. Instead, it’s about posting regularly to keep your content near the top of the story feed.

You can create an epic story, but as others are posting throughout the day, their snaps will move your story to the bottom of the feed. “If you post something really cool, and in a few hours you want people to still see it, post another new Snap,” says Shaun. Posting a few times throughout the day will keep your story at the top, instead of just posting all at once. And before you ask – unfortunately, you can’t schedule snaps.

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