Osaka Satchel: The Everyday Case To Protect Your Tech Devices

Osaka Satchel: The Everyday Case To Protect Your Electronic Devices

Whether you already bought the new Apple Ipad Pro 10.5, plan to or just have other mobile devices to carry, you should check out the stylish Osaka Satchel by Toffee Cases.

Not only does it look uber cool and sleek, it has a fitted padded pocket that perfectly protects your Ipad. Plus it’s lightweight and crafted from water resistant waxed canvas. So you never take the risk to wet and damage your favourite and most important tech accessories.

The bag has been made to keep your essentials safe: a pocket for your Ipad, a hidden back pocket to ensure quick access to your phone, a zippered front pocket under the main flap for valuables and a padded shoulder strap to travel in comfort.

Keep an easy access to your phone and open the case thanks to the push lock under the front buckles.
Easy access to your phone and Ipad plus there’s a push lock under the front buckles.

The comfortable bag has the perfect size to be suitable for both travel and work. If you’re going to use your Ipad on the plane or for a shorter train trip, you can always have it with you. And it’s also a practical case for all freelancers and graphic designers who need to use their Ipad to work everyday.

The satchel is a unisex model, available in four stylish colours: black, khaki, mustard or navy. It’s definitely a fashionable and practical accessory that will become quickly essential and that frees you of your bulky and boring case!

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