Own Property For $250 Through Crowdfunding

By Women Love Tech
on 8 May 2018

There are many costs involved when selling your home, such as stamp dusty, government fees, legal fees, real estate agent commission etc. It all adds up and can become quite costly, and as the property prices continues to increase, so does the costs for selling.

In Australia, we’ve relied on mainstream online marketing and the traditional real estate model to sell our homes for a long time. Countries all over the world, like New Zealand, France, and Canada, have incorporated new ways to buy and sell real estate, but here in Australia we haven’t embraced these new technologies yet.

Despite the property market being under constant change, it’s interesting that we still use the same old marketing techniques when selling a home. Real estate agents have become interdependent on the traditional marketing models, and the point of difference in online platforms haven’t been strong enough to challenge the traditional advertisement model and reduced the dependency and more importantly, the cost of selling a home online.

Looking at how other industries have adapted new modern technologies and social media, shows how the real estate industry still has a lot to learn. Sites like Airbnb and Uber, where people can directly connect with each other, have been change makers in their respective industry. At Next Address we have looked at how we learn from these apps and sharing economies, and adapt it to the real estate sector.

Looking at how ride-sharing services make us feel safe and exploring how we can find accommodation that genuinely suits our needs, then we can easily see how technology, digital online marketing and smarter systems like chatbots and algorithms can enhance our real estate experience.

With Next Address, it’s now possible to get into the driver seat and take control of your property journey. Today’s technologies make it possible for us to keep an open and transparent form of communication that will make selling less expensive and more efficient. When you take a fresh approach, infuse an advanced new platform with innovative tools, the most incredible experience and return can be realised.

Through crowdfunding you can now be a part of future of Australian real estate and own a share in Next Address for only $250.

Photo by Edho Pratama

Women Love Tech would like to thank Julie O’Donohue for this article.

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