Parallels Releases One-Click Time-Saving Tools For PC and Mac

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on 28 June 2018

We all know the embarrassment of being in the middle of a presentation and suddenly having a random message from a friend/colleague pop up on the big screen, just sitting there, consuming desktop space, being glared at by some and judged/sniggered at by others in the audience. The good news is that Parallels, which provides cross-platform solutions for customers to use and access applications and files they need on any device or OS, have launched Parallels Toolbox Packs to ensure customers never have such embarrassing moments, among other very convenient features.

Parallels Toolbox Presentation Pack: Includes the Presentation Mode to avoid embarrassing disruptions. With just one click, you can hide desktop files, and block email and message notifications; it also prevents sleep mode, and automatically detects and adjusts resolution for external displays (e.g. the desired settings for each external monitor and projector) not just the first time but every time you reconnect.

Parallels Toolbox Screen and Video Pack: This is an especially useful feature for bloggers, marketing professionals, vloggers, developers, or anyone who needs to capture the work on their screens often. With this pack, you can easily record video of your entire screen or an area of the screen with your desired resolution and audio source. You can download videos from any website and watch them offline with your preferred resolution (1080p, 720p, 360p) and also create GIFs from any video source.

Parallels Toolbox Disk and System Pack: This’ll come in handy in case you’re a virtual hoarder. With just one click, you can free up disk space or unblock functions that slow your computer’s performance. Cleaning up your drive and freeing up RAM are tasks we need to do regularly, but keep putting off because they seem boring and tedious. With this pack, that’s literally just one click away!

Free trials of these three packs for both Windows or Mac are available exclusively at Parallels Toolbox. Each Parallels Toolbox Pack is available for A$13.99 annually.

Free trials of Parallels Toolbox for Windows or Mac (which includes every tool in each of the Parallels Toolbox packs for PC or Mac, plus many more tools and new useful tools are that are added to the Toolbox about every three months) are also available, with A$27.99 annual subscriptions.

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