Paway: The App Helping You And Your Dogs Find Your Pa(way) Around

By Emeric Brard
on 6 February 2021

Paway is the latest pet app that helps owners find the best dog-friendly routes, get live alerts for their safety, and stay connected with other pups in the community. 

What is Paway?

Referred to as the ‘Waze for dogs’, Paway is a free-to-use dog-walking companion that all dog owners should download. 

How does Paway work? 

Simply start by creating a personalised profile for your dog – like you would do with your own social media profile. What’s your dog like? Are they sociable, timid, friendly, aggressive? Note them as either:

  • Red (“I need space”);
  • Orange (“I like people, just not dogs”);
  • Yellow (“Give me some space, I’m nervous/anxious”);
  • Green (” I like meeting new friends!”) or;
  • Blue – Service Dog (“I’m working”)

Paway, app

This will permit other owners to know whether to approach or keep their distance. Additionally, you can add caregiver notes to like vet information and their home address in their profiles in case of an emergency. 

Based on this information, you can find some friends for your furry pals, find the best routes and also keep track of them thanks to the help of other users. It really is like Waze for dogs!

More about Paway  

Paway is an app that was created by professional dog walkers for all kinds of dog lovers. With the use of crowd-sourced data, the app provides users with information in your local region. Whether that to be to find lost dogs, find the best routes in your area, research other dogs around you, this app has it all and more. 

You can download Paway here

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